Change proposed to temperature range - which is now -10 - +50 C

Please change the temperature range with sensor routines, I am using Centrallite multipurpose sensor, right now I can only choose temperature range between -10 C and +50 C, surely temperature (outdoors or even freezer) and be less than -10C, and highest can be more than 50C - for instance inside Sauna it can be 70 or even 80C. My use case was to put the sensor into Sauna to alarm me when sauna has heated to 70C but cannot do that because the limit is at 50C.


You could use delay option in the automation. When thermostat is up to +50 then it will trigger your alarm, just delay the alarm amount of time it takes your sauna to reach +70. I have small sauna so it takes about extra 20 minutes to reach +85 which is the temperature I prefer.

what sensor do you use that can survive in sauna ?

I’ve used both Aqara and Nedis sensors. I used to have Nedis contact sensor in our sauna window. We let our cats out from that window. It was there almost an year. Still works fine.

from the Internet manuals

The Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor is suitable for indoor use. Normal operating temperature:-20 to 50°C (-4 to122°F); humidity: 0~100% , non-condensing environment.

Duracell - 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery, Operating Temperature: -20 To 54 Degree C

it’s probably not a good idea to overheat it by 20* over normal. For example, lithium batteries can explode.


Valid point. Never thought of that. After we renovated our sauna earlier this year I have no devices in there. But if one would like to use thermostat to check when sauna is heated enough, device could be put in sauna for a heating period and removed after that. There are still risks but I’d consider them to be much less likely than keeping device there all the time.

Do you know sensors with external probe? Like this one?

Why are you talking about temp imitation of some sensor instea of stuppide temp range limitation (policy) of SST?

Im realistic, ST doesn’t create platform that is going to make everyone happy (support every device from ALIexpress), they create platform to sell Samsung products and partners products .

if the Samsung sensor works in range of 0-40*

its hard to expect that ST developer will spend much time testing over these ranges. I would rather expect to see some notification over 40C* “your sensor is overheated , please replace it”

I’ve the exact same use-case with DS18B20 sensors, but ST limits the Max to 50C. A pity, because then have to go over to the sauna to check on it some time after the temp hits 50…

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But if you know how long it takes your sauna to get to the certain point then why don’t you use 50°C + the time how long it takes to reach the tempererature you wany. I want my sauna to be 85°C then I’ll set trigger to 50°C and delay the action for 20mins. That’s when it is 85°C and ready. It is not optimal solution, but it is pretty easy to set up and quite reliable.

SmartThings has always supported some devices that use a probe sensor like the DS18B20 sensors that @S.F.B mentioned, including some Aeotec and qubino zwave models, as well as the popular Sonoff mains powered range. The probe itself can handle a wider range of temperatures and is wired to the radio/battery piece which is kept in a more temperate zone.

People in this community have been using this kind of device for many years for both saunas and freezers.

So the operating range of a typical all in one battery powered sensor should not be a UI design limitation for all sensor reporting. A typical probe sensor will have an operating range from -55°C to +125°C.

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I am a different sort of realistic. I just see Routines as a simple tool designed for a particular audience doing a range of everyday tasks. If ST have decided that a range of -10C to 50C is adequate for that audience then that is their choice. The most I would suggest is that they at least make the temperature range more compatible with the numbers their weather widget will be throwing out in many parts of the world.

The underlying Rules API is perfectly capable of handling broader temperature ranges, just as it is perfectly capable of much more flexible date and time handling.

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I took a Zigbee thremometer:

Cut of the internal SHT30 sensor and soldered on my own external probe:

I too found out after starting to create a routine that it was limited to 50C. I don’t really understand this limit and why it’s there as the routine only reads the values the thermometer reports. Why limit it to 50?

I first thought about midigating this issue by offsetting the temperature in the ST app but the edge driver I’m using only allows for -10~+10C offset. My thoughts were to offset the temperature 50C lower so when my sauna hits 80C the thermometer could run a routine when the thermometer reads 30C.

If ST doesn’t fix this issue then I’m going to try and talk to the edge driver developer and see if any changes could be made to the temperature offsets in the driver.

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I believe you can do it with a rule in SharpTools

SharpTools no longer works.

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I works just fine for me. Where did you hear that.

I got this to work with Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc by Mariano_Colmenarejo

Details for the solution:

Drivers page: Dashboard and Rule Engine still works and has already been migrated to the next generation SmartThings platform. :+1:

You might be referring to the Tasker Plugins which were sunset when SmartThings shut down Groovy SmartApps.

Hi! My bad. I only had knowledge about the tasker app. Took a look at to mess around with rules and at first glance i think it needs a subscription to create rules. If so then it’s not something I would consider

You do not need a subscription to use SharpTools rules.

They have a free tier and a premium tiers.

You do need the paid premium tier to use variables and http calls.