Change mode and ARM with Schlage lock?

Is there a way that I can have the mode changed to ARMED when I lock my Schlage lock.
So basically I close the door, press the Schlage lock button and that would then trigger an automation to set my ARMED status.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any connected door locks, but if the z-wave module in that schlage lock happens to send an on/off with the “switch” capability when it’s locking/unlocking then you should be able to do this with a routine pretty easily.

Try to create a new routine in the mobile app, tap “automatically perform” and then tap “something turns on or off.” Do you see your lock listed as a switch?

A Lock device generally does not (and should not and need not…) claim Capability “Switch”.

There are dozens of ways to (CoRE, lock managers, etc.) subscribe to the lock Attribute (and even the data indicating which code slot was used to unlock…) and have that trigger Mode change, SHM, a Virtual Switch, Routine, etc.


Right, just trying to keep it as simple as possible for the OP by just doing it within a single routine if that’s possible. Adding virtual switches, using core etc add complexity but might be necessary. I don’t have any locks so can’t see if they can be used to trigger a routine.

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I use @RBoy software with my Schlage. You’ll have to pay to use his apps and DTH.

There is free apps and DTH that will also enable options for your Schlage lock.

You’ll have to search the forum. It’s been touched on many times.


Thanks for all of the answers.
marktheknife, no unfortunately it does not show up. I tried that out before I posted.

I know there were a few posted in the forums that disarm when a code is put in to unlock. I just have not been able to find one that would arm the system when the lock button is pressed.
And I am not real sure how you could accomplish it with a virtual switch. I do have User Lock Manager that I use for my iris keypad, but I did not see anything in there that will work for this either.

I have wanted to dive into CoRE for awhile now, I guess this will be my chance to do so.
Again thanks for the replies.

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Sorry, for whatever reason I assumed at first you were a new/basic user. But if you’ve installed smartapps before and have heard of core, I agree thats probably your best bet.

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Screen shot from @RBoy app that I use on my lock.

So it looks like it can be done, or that the locked from outside can be exposed for use.


Most (all?) SmartThings “Connected Locks”, Schlage for sure, send a “Locked” or “Unlocked” event when the lock is turned by hand or by the outside keypad.

  1. This event is trivially subscribed to in a SmartApp; as easily as subscribing to a Contact or Motion sensor.

  2. How to set SHM armed mode from a SmartApp is an “open secret”.

  3. Done.


You can use this app along with the Enhanced Z Wave DTH to create lock routines (arm, change switches, run routines etc)

If you have the Schlage BE469 with the Enhanced DH and the Schlage Alarm App you can change the Lock alarm sensitivity and modes also.

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Thanks guys, I was able to get it to work using CoRE and then creating a piston that looks for the “lock” trigger and then sets it to armed. I also did the same in reverse making it disarm if the lock is unlocked.
Thanks again for all of the suggestions everyone.


Glad you got it working how you wanted. I am probably wrong but I think Core only triggers off the lock being locked / unlocked.

Not specifically off the lock button on the outside keypad.

I also use the door locked trigger with core to turn off some lights when I leave for work on day wife doesn’t work.

Lot’s of ways to get to same end result. That is part of the beauty of the system.