Change Mobile App “BroadLink” logo to custom logo? How to handle same IF or RF code with single Boradlink device?


We are in development of touch switch and want to implement broadlink device in to this. We are development team and want to customize mobile app. Can we change “Boradlink” logo to our custom logo in mobile app or any other way?

We are also planning to use SDK for our touch switch.Initial problem is we have same IR or RF code for all switch. For example 6 module switch has code like (1,2,3,4,5,6) so if you will purchase 6 quantity you will get same code. Now our problem is for example we will install switch in one room with one Broadlink device it will switch on both switches on single command which is need to correct. Please help me out on this scenario.

How to handle same ir or rf code with single broadlink device?