Change Korean Family Hub to English

How can I reprogram my Korean bought Samsung Refrigerator with Family Hub to work in English?
Currently it only has Korean.

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I would recommend giving this troubleshooting article a try for updating the language on your Family Hub fridge.

You can locate the article for review here:

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Thanks, I checked that out
But the problem is I only have Korean listed as my language of choice. For some reason Samsung doesn’t offer any alternative languages for their smart hub refrigerators sold in Korea. I was hoping to somehow add English to the language list. Even though I live in Korea my Korean is not so good.
I am thinking there may be a way to reset and reprogram or update the family hub computer with a operating system that also includes English as used with refrigators purchased in the USA, England or Canada.

Thank you

I completely understand your frustration and appreciate you reviewing the troubleshooting article.

However, At this time there is not a Samsung Authorized way for adding additional languages to your model.