Change bulb dimmer levels throughout the day?


(Gail Williams) #1

I’d like to change the dimmer levels throughout the day (Osram Lightify A19 basic dimmable bulbs). 0500-50%, 0730-70%, 2200-50%. Similar situation on a second bulb, but it goest off at 2300 and I’d like to have a motion sensor trigger at 70% if the bulb is not on. Is the best way to do this to set up different SmartLighting events, or something else? If I use SmartLighting, do I trigger an Off event before I can change the dimmer with a new On event, or can I have back-to-back On events?


(Robin) #2

You will be best off using the CoRE smartapp.

Installation details and link to CoRE wiki in post 1 of the following thread:

(Robin) #3

Also, using CoRE you can set the dimmer levels to gently fade up / down at a set time taking a set duration to complete the fade.

(Robin) #4

Here is an example using CoRE:

Note 1 - you need to turn on ‘expert mode’ in the CoRE settings to do it all in one piston.

Note 2 - When changing the dimmer level (between 1-100%) you don’t need to send on commands, this is assumed by ST.

Note 3 - When changing the dimmer level to 0% you don’t need to send off commands, this is assumed by ST.

(Gail Williams) #5

Thanks Robin. I’m working on the CorE piston. In the interim, I left the two “On/adjust brightness” actions in place in SmartLights app to dim the bulb based on the time of day. (I was having issues with the new bulb, so wasn’t able to test it out initially). This basic scenario is working. I haven’t added the motion sensor yet; will work on that in the piston. Appreciate your help!