Change and configure modes in the android app

(Benjamin Hoffman) #1

How do I change my mode
How do I verify my mode has been changed
How do I create a mode

It says in the “home” screen “Currently, mode is set to Home” I go to the dashboard screen click the little bubble on the top right it goes to the “hello, home” screen, I click the “change mode and more” at the bottom of the screen…it offers 3 modes away, good morning, good night, I click on the away option, in the comments part of the “hello, home” screen it shows I activated “away” I go back to the “home” screen and it still says “Currently, mode is set to Home”…….

what am I doing wrong?
what step am I missing?

(Benjamin Hoffman) #2

i currently have sensors on all my door and windows and i have them set up so that from night to morning they are activated so that f they are opened they will trigger my siren to go off, but i cant turn them off if someone was to come to my door late at night.

so what i would like to do it set up a mode “active” that activates all sensors so if they are opened it will trigger the siren, then someone comes to my door late at night and i change the mode to “inactive” which disables the entire system, i let the person in, close the door then switch the mode back to “active”

basically just have an on mode / off mode for the entire system, in active mode if a sensor is opened it would trigger the siren, and in inactive mode everything is turned off

i am using the android app