Change an ADT/ST contact sensor role from entry to perimeter?

I am moving from IRIS and bought a bunch of dual branded ST/ADT sensors(had bunch of Iris V1 sensors due to better range) and paired them etc. I forgot to re-define a sensor from entry to perimeter but cannot see a way to go back and redefine it.
I can rename and since these are glued to window was hoping I could avoid removing and re-pairing.
Please let me know what my options are.

The instructions are a little bit different depending on which version of the mobile app you have, the classic app or the “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“ app.

Instructions for both are on the following page. Just tap the tab on the page so you’re on the correct mobile app. You’re going to change the “security zone“ value for that particular sensor.

Thank you very much , seems I was clicking on the wrong dots that took me to manage and reorder.
I did get into security settings.

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