Chamberlain MYQ with smart things

Sorry, old post, but I couldn’t resist. You can now use Google Assistant routines and shortcuts to say, “Open/Close Garage door.” This will propagate on all accounts that share Google Home Mini’s in your home.

Be aware that this may be a security concern for you to consider. Many developers have deliberately not included automatically opening/unlocking doors in their feature set with smart assistants. When I linked MyQ with Google Assistant originally using their partner subscriptions ($10/year), it did not support opening or closing the garage door (just status which is ridiculous when you think about it). I am assuming this is for security concerns.

I think the chances of a thief or someone who might have ill intentions taking advantage of these types of exploits in your home is pretty rare. However, if you do a search you will find that it has already been possible to send inaudible commands to Siri and Alexa (, send commands hidden in music and speech recordings (, and, more anecdotally, I have had Google Assistant respond to commands sent through walls.