Chaimberlain smart things work around

If you are reading this you probably have one of the newer chaimberlain garage door openers and have run into the same problem everyone else has, you cant just hit the 2 wires together and have the switch open the door. it has a serial chip built into the button.
Some have soldered a spare remote ($40 ) then you still have to hope the battery doesn’t die in it + zwave momentary switch. ( I use FS20Z-1 ).

The wall button is
$11 from amazon and the momentary relay is $40.
its databus not just 2wire signal like old openers.
Think of it more like the opener is sending a “whats my password” signal to the button and the chip on the button sends the password back.
You still need the white/red wired connected to the button, I soldered some wires ( blue/purple ) to the rear of the button to connect to the white/red on the chaimberlain.

The switch you have to be careful when soldering, It has a lot of components on the board. I used wires with prongs on the end so I put a decent ball of solder on the end then some flux on the button prongs. I used a multimeter to figure out which prongs on the switch would mimic the button being pushed in. one pin left side one right side ( with button vertical ).
I hooked the 2 wires ( gray and white ) to the 2 leads coming out of the FS20Z-1 go control relay.

I had to go into and click devices then the go control relay and change the type to "virtual momentary zwave relay "
this turns the relay to be just a 1 second momentary relay so it mimics hitting the button.

I also use LGK Virtual garage door opener
and a TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO ( 24$ garage door tilt sensor )
Here are some pictures


I might rewire it to be a little cleaner since I just kind of threw the button in a project box I had and threw it up in about 5 minutes after soldering.