Chai Energy

I have a Chai Energy meter. I found out about them through Lowes/Iris. Its a bridge that allows me to see realtime energy usage from my PG&E Smart meter. I’m assuming they’d eventually make their way into the Iris product, or sold through lowes. I’d love to see this integrated into ST. I pinged the person I’ve dealt with over there about support and API access. Does anyone else have one of these bridges?

Heres the offer I used to get the free Chai Pro. I believe you need to be a PG&E California customer with a smart meter to qualify.

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To save some time and be sure to be selected, select “iPhone”, not “Android”. As is too typical, they are apparently launching with iOS first.

Gee… this may save me from finally doing the permanent installation of my Aeon HEM v1; but then again, it may be a while before Chai opens an API.

Come over to the iOS side! :slight_smile: just take the second bite and we are good (@april took the first bite) :wink:

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