Cetain scenes depending on time of day, triggered by Hue Dimmer Switch

I’ve just set up my Philips Hue and am looking to see whether this is at all possible with ST.

During the hours of 2100 and 0600 I want to have certain scenes i’ve created turn on when the philips hue dimmer is turned on.

So for bathroom, instead of 3 lights at 100%, it will turn on 1 light at 50%.

Is this possible with ST?

It is. There is a time period you can set in the stock smart lighting app. You can build a scene and the apply at through that.

When you say the stock lighting app, do you mean the ST app or the Hue app?

Officially the Hue Dimmer Switch is invisible to SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

There are some community workarounds, but they’re pretty complicated to set up.

If all the devices in your scene are connected to your Hue Bridge (including the Dimmer Switch), it’s pretty easy to set up a time restriction with the third party iConnectHue app ($4.99 as of this writing) or some of the other third party apps. Last time I looked this allowed up to five time slots.


But this won’t include other ST-controlled devices. You could set those up through ST to follow one of the Hue lights in the scene, but there might be a short lag.

Thanks for the reply.

I looked at iconnecthue - However its ios only and i’ve only got android devices.

I did purchase one called all 4 hue - which allowed me to create a scene and then set it to work at different times - however after much playing around with it, couldn’t get it to work.

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I’ve heard all4hue can be fiddly to set up. See if the following helps any:

You’re not wrong! However a lot of playing around and trial and error I got it to work!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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