CES 2015 New Stuff

It surely looks that way. Nest is building its own walled garden and does not want any trespassers.

@geko Which is interesting as Google owns them now. Obviously some of that old Apple culture…

Joining Mr. Yoon on stage, SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson underscored Samsung’s vision for an open infrastructure.

“For the Internet of Things to be a success, it has to be open,” said Hawkinson. “Any device, from any platform, must be able to connect and communicate with one another.

Cannot agree more. To be truly open the SmartThings hub must support basic TCP socket communication protocol (telnet), not just HTTP. This is technically possible with the current hub hardware and was actually promised to the development community back in October. Now, with all this euphoria about hub V2, I’m afraid this will fall through the cracks.


It’s Google’s culture alright. I lost faith in their products when this happened

while SmartThings can’t officially integrate with them, you can at least install community built integration with Nest. That’s the beauty of SmartThings and that’s why I think that it will succeed

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@geko why do you want tcp access? Not just json/ml served up from the hub?

These are two different use cases. TCP socket support would allow integrating SmartThings hub with myriad of existing devices without requiring HTTP bridge, for example Envisalink 3 for integrating with alarm panels, iTach IR bridge for audio/video integration, etc. If you search the board, you’ll find a lot of stuff that could be easily integrated should ST opened up TCP socket comms. BTW, I’m talking about outbound socket, as opposed to inbound HTTP/JSON, although that would be welcome as well.


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Will the new hub only be for users paying for the “Premium” service? That’s what Engadget said in their article but I haven’t seen that mentioned elsewhere yet?

If you can only use the new hub with the premium service I’m ditching this whole system. The current hub doesn’t really function with its insane amount of lag and false alerts, false presense, its just broken.

Please tell me the hub v2 will work without a subscription.


Where did you read that? The only article I could find on their site is http://www.engadget.com/2015/01/05/samsung-smarthings-hub-and-service/ with a link to Business Wire.

I don’t think that this is the case. I am pretty sure that v2 will be available to all irrespective of subscription level.

I feel like maybe they cleaned up their wording since I read it this morning… that or I’m more awake now.

Maybe I read “The Hub isn’t launching by itself.” and the following part about premium service as like… the hub won’t be available by itself without the service.

My… bad… lol.

Soooooooo, about Nest… This silence from ST means: forget about it and move on?

Great stuff. Q1 is now April. No one has said that the same features we enjoy today will be available on hub v2

Nor has anyone said, after hub v2 launch they will continue to allow ALL functionality we have on hub v1.

Lastly, no upgrade path has been announced.

And, since we all have basically been beta testing this hub v1 for hub v2, hopefully ST will do some sort of community beta test, starting ASAP.

But, my guess is they are looking for vendor lock-ins, exclusivity and additional revenue streams, err services aimed away from their core.

ST missed the boat, every vendor in the consumer space is announcing some sort of Zigbee / Zwave hub or tablet, or widget to control the IoT. Open is the only way to go to win.

The Samsung effect has begun… 6 months of silence, and this is what they show at CES? I’m very disappointed.

What will make it better?

If the hub v2 actually supports local sockets at launch.

If the hub v2 actually has true camera integration, live video, save a snapshot an email / sms it or archive it

If the app actually has full UI control over a devicetype or smartap for the community and not just “Approved partners”

If they actually make the much discussed improvements to the API and IDE and expose more of the core services.

If they have local storage on the hub v2 and local access within or outside of the app of that storage.

If they have local API access to the hub to avoid roundtrips to the server for simple status checks.

If the hub v2 has local UDP support along with local sockets

If the app has better media intergration options, like simulating button pushes for all types of remote / media control

If the app has a list view to show data better (table view as well)

These and many more issues have plagued ST since the beginning. Where were these announcements? Sure, a lot are “in the weeds” but these are the things that are clearly putting ST in stalled mode.

Is ST a hardware / hub / device company? Or is it an integration, software and services company? Seems like it wants to be all, but failing to deliver on any as the best in class.


Sorry, I keep hearing Nest this and Nest that on this site. But SmartThings has mentioned a lot of changes had to be made to support it, and they were working on it. (Note: NEST defined the rules SmartThings has to meet, not the other way around).

Additionally, many thermostats exist that are far better than Nest, that are already integrated. I personally use an Ecobee thermostat, and love it. Nest wasn’t even the first on the market for this technology, they were just the one who spent the most on marketing, and made it look “pretty”…

People need to be patient, or switch. That’s my opinion. Sorry, I am venting a bit, its just getting tiring…

And everyone, come on. It was an announcement. More details will come out soon enough… be patient. We don’t get to see all the cards in the deck immediately. They (Tyler) even already said in this thread that more info will come soon.

Lets focus on the good news we have heard, and see where SamThings is taking us…


Or perhaps, SmartSung?

All I know is hub v2 better still allow things to text one at least person when events happen the way it does now.

By 2017, 90% of all Samsung’s products will be IOT devices, and that includes all of our televisions and mobile devices… we’re working to make every smart device in the home, like the smart TVs, act like an IOT hub

I can’t wait for a fridge that will tell me that I’m going to die young when I stock up too much Twinkies.

Amen! Where focus goes energy flows…

Negative focus = Negative Energy
Positive Focus = Positive Energy
Everyone gets to choose which energy they want in there life. (I choose positivity) :smile:

Happy for STs and the whole crew for hooking up with Sammy! I truly believe they are going to be able to bring forth some good change in IoT. If they embrace open is good for everyone mantatlity then we will be good. And they got up in front of millions of people yesterday and proclaimed they would. I myself am excited!! :smile:

Sounds like all current freatures will be avaialble. The premium feature is more about DVR and “incident” control. DVR is probably the most expensive portion of the premium service. Video storage space isn’t cheap.

@tyler @ben @urman Congrats on a lot of hard work coming through and comin to fruition! Its always hard when we (the community) are harping you guys for new stuff and you know its just aroiund the corner. Congrats on keeping your cool in the public space! haha. Happy for you guys! Excited to see what else Sammy/STs has up their sleeve this week. If you told us here we promise we won’t tell a soul :wink: :smile:


I agree Tim. I was underwhelmed by the announcement, but mostly because it raised so many questions. I’m excited to hear more and really pumped to bring the awesome developer community to bear on Hub V2, whatever new abilities it brings. Of course I want to see it be really powerful and flexible to run locally, and I hope this community gets the tools to really make it shine. I’m confident that the intentions of the ST team will work towards making that a reality!

I do have one nitpick, but it’s strange seeing Honeywell listed as a partner; when to my knowledge the only true Honeywell integration was pieced together by this community. At least for my wifi Honeywell thermostats. I’d really like the integration to be as powerful as their native app. @Tyler is there more to come on that as well?


The honeywelll z-wave thermostat is very well supported at this point. Hopefully they are now a honeywell partner and we will see direct integration with all of the other wifi thermostats as well.


I am all for staying positive as well, but I think ST could do a much better job communicating some of this stuff. That press release was worded in such a way that it only raised more questions than answers. I was expecting an announcement with more substance. For the last two months, many device compatibility issues, platform issues, and other various questions have all been answered by “Wait until CES and we will be able to talk about that”, The only real answer is that most of the stuff announced so far is still three months away.


I was afraid that’s what they meant by listing Honeywell. To me a zwave thermostat is a zwave thermostat, so I don’t consider that an integration with Honeywell unless there are Honeywell specific zwave functions and codes being used that ST is utilizing (I don’t know if they are).

Of course that opinion is biased because I have the wifi thermostats, not the zwave ones. I really appreciate your work on the Total Connect API device type, so I can integrate them. I’d like that to be native support and fully entwined with the Honeywell capabilities.