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I hear you on the “non-geek factor.” But I guess I was really talking about people in the Smart Things community. These are people who want to connect it to their IoT and communicate with other devices. That means ANY connected thermostat can be programmed to emulate a good majority of Nests better features for much less money and within this community, these are people who are going to do it.

I also think anybody willing to make that kind of dollar investment to improve their energy bill would take the three minutes a day for a week or two to figure out who got home when and what temperatures they like. My wife and I bought our home recently. I programmed the thermostat based on our normal schedule and temps from where we were living before. But the layout and sun exposure and insulation are different so after a couple days of paying attention to when we were adjusting the temp and what to, I changed the program and was done. It’s three buttons. I’ve never had to look back all fall or winter. I never really imagined people could live in a space for an extended time and still be confused by their thermostat, but then again, I’m a strange guy.

I was very sucked in by its pretty face at first but learning how finicky the Auto-Away is and how a irregular schedule kills its learning algorithms, I realized its definitely not for me.


Sorry, incorrect statement. Many companies provided this before NEST, and Ecobee, and Venstar are two off the top of my head, beat them by years. Same with apple devices, so many iPhone 1 users thought that a smartphone never existed until Apple released it, though Microsoft and other companies beat them by years.

Now, I will admit that Nest did simplify the install—and my Ecobee Smart Thermostat was a lot more complicated to setup—but no typical user would have known that until the purchase—and most would have done it when a new thermostat if they had known the option existed.

Just my .02$ comment.

Totally agree with this. I have one of the earlier smart thermostats - Filtrete 3M-50. I integrated it with SmartThings myself and could not be happier. It may not look as cool as Nest, but it doesn’t bother me. An open API is more important to me. :smile:

Besides, I wouldn’t be able to utilize Nest’s “learning” capability anyway because what I found out early on was that my wife and kids would constantly mess with the thermostat. Heating/cooling a two-story house is never perfect, so there’s always someone in the family who’s not happy. My solution to this is to keep the thermostat locked and only make schedule adjustments. And ability to use SmartThings to setup event-driven rules is priceless.

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The ecobee 3 with 5 remote sensors is in the end more expensive than a nest, but it has an open api and the remote sensors actually allow it to operate in “learning/smart” mode. My temps have never been this stable throughout the house before. They are promising to open the data from the remote sensors in March. So far I have been very impressed with the stat.

@darrylb So predictable.

My comment was in response to @malthus86, regarding his questioning of Nest.

Look… someone is always going to say someone did something sooner than the other. Apple had the first successful personal computer, prior to IBM PC coming out. Guess who sold more units? Sony had the Walkman prior to the Apple iPod. Which company would you say made more money? Microsoft had Windows CE Tablet, and Apple had the iPad. Again, who won that battle?

There are many products out there that have created the market they eventually didn’t dominate, because others came along and made their product easier and overall cooler. I can go on, but its not needed.

@darrylb the Ecobee product line are great products. I am actually considering buying the Ecobee3 over the Nest, but I am waiting to see what Google’s grand plan is around DIY HA. I Don’t really care much about the two room average temp, since it doesn’t help me when I have a two zone system. The problem is that from a pure growth perspective, the Canadian company doesn’t have a chance against the business savvy folks at Nest, or the long standing leader Honywell. Nest in particular knows how to advertise more effectively, partner more effectively, raise money more effectively, and distribute their product more effectively.

This all has nothing to do with their technology. You take all those components and package the highlights of what their product does, and wallah, you are the market leader in DIY Smart Thermostats. FYI, I don’t consider your typical programmable thermostat smart. Now you have Google dump their own thermostat endeavors, and instead invest $3.2 Billion dollars into Nest, and you make it even harder to compete with them.

Regardless, we need companies like Ecobee, Honywell, and others to keep each other focused on innovation. You get one that dominates too much, and then it ultimately hurts you and me.

Okay, to get off the Nest and back to the CES announcements, were there any pricing or pictures of new products? I don’t recall seeing any.

No pricing I’ve seen. LinuxGizmos has an article with a few more pictures. The new hub will be Linux-based.

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And the official blog article with a different box picture:

Looks fairly solid, liking the improvements, but from that article there are a lot of “maybes” and unknowns for a product hitting shelves in a couple months!

When Boy Genius Report connected his Somfy shades, they worked “wonderfully.” When I connect mine, they show up as dimmers and ignore my commands half of the time. What did BGR do differently?

I tried @chriswood1001’s custom device type, but it’s kinda confusing: It toggles between the MY position and closed, instead of open and closed.

There is a custom device type we have written. Still works like a dimmer switch sort of and doesn’t allow “stops”. We are working with Somfy to get something more accessible.

Where can I find this custom device type? If up and down works reliably, that’s better than the default device type I have now.

Just add a tile button that sends this command: zwave.switchMultilevelV1.switchMultilevelStopLevelChange().format()

Give this a try:

There is also this you should check out:

Thanks! Is there a custom device type for the ZRTSI?

Not that I know of…

Have you been able to figure how to use IFTTT to put Homeboy active mode when the SmartThings system is armed away?

SmartThings doesn’t make mode or phrases available in IFTTT. You could create a virtual switch that only turns on with “Goodbye” phrase which also sets away mode. When virtual switch turned on, Arm Homeboy, when virtual switch off (I’m Baaack) disarm Homeboy. Virtual device types are easy to install.

However, why not just use Homeboy’s own phone location geofence arming? It seems to work fine. Arms when both of us are not home, disarms when one or both arrive home.

Hi Jodyalbritton,
I really like these cameras. I currently use drop cams and at $200 a piece for their HD it adds up quickly. I love the portability of these cameras but I’m not sure about the battery life. What are your thoughts on that?

@Cheekid I don’t really know about the battery life of the Arlo cameras. I ended up investing in 5 Foscam cameras. I use a piece of software called sighthound to integrate with ST via IFTTT.