Centralize 3-series Pearl Touch Thermostat $65 Prime


Some further information in this old thread

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Great deal… I don’t like that the display can’t be set to “always visible”, though.

I glance at my Thermostat all the time, otherwise I can’t tell if I’m cold or not.


I see what you did there

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I just ask Alexa how I’m feeling

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You guys are hilarious!! :joy:

Anyway to set display always on?

So got reply from support. Need c wire connection for display to stay lit.

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Makes sense, else you’d be blowing through batteries.

That’s actually somewhat good news… I thought that there was no option to “stay lit”.

I don’t have a C-Wire, though, in theory it isn’t too hard to fake one using a wall transformer; presuming you have an outlet nearby (hmmm… I do), and can run the low voltage wire up to the Pearl…

Fortunately I had extra wires on the bundle that ran between hvac circuit and thermostat. Just had to connect to C pin on both end. Staying lit is important to me as I dont know how hot/cold it is unless I check the current temp :slight_smile:
So far it is working perfectly automating through smarthings. If we can check how long the heat or cold ran then it would have been awesome. But I think I am asking more. :wink:

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