Centralite Thermostat 2-wire setup

I’m trying to hook up my centralite thermostat to a lopi gas stove. It has a red wire and white wire, but the device continues to just display E0 on the face. Smartthings has recognized it and all that, but it won’t turn the furnace on and I can’t set temp do to the E0. Can anyone help?

I found this for you, hope it helps.

This is where I found it. (LINK)

 A thermostat which shows “E0” is a thermostat which has not yet been connected to a
“valid” system or one which has not yet been “programmed” yet. This “E0” is an
indicator that the thermostat is in a factory default state. This “EO” status can be
changed to a valid status by either programming the thermostat or by hooking up the
thermostat to a valid system. (See Appendix-A for programming menu options)
 By default the CentraLite thermostat comes with a wire jumper connecting the RH and
RCpower terminals. On most units only one power source is used and can be
connected to both RH and RC. But if you have another type of HVAC system, it may
require separate power sources for Heating and Cooling. In this case you will remove
the jumper and separately power RC and RH. (See Figure-1)
 The CentraLite thermostat can be powered by 4 AA batteries or by the power from the
24V off the HVAC unit if a Common wire is available. Even if you use the common wire
for power you should still install 4 AA batteries as a backup for the thermostat time clock.
 Connect the wires to the terminal at the middle of the thermostat
 Hold the thermostat up to the wall in the desired position. Mark where the 4 holes are to
be drill. Drill 4 3/16 holes for the wall anchors.
 Use the included wall anchors and screws to mount the thermostat securely onto the
 Install 4 AA batteries into the battery compartment at the bottom of the thermostat.
 Snap the top cover or front faceplate onto the thermostat.

Thanks for the feedback. I think these systems must be milli-volt systems because it would just never come out of E0 mode. As soon as I hooked it up to a gas/forced air furnace, it worked immediately. I still need to install two of these though on gas-only systems!