Centralite Pearl Thermostat DTH (March 2019)

@Jim_Ryan, I just deleted and rejoined the one thermo I had that showed duplicate entries in the mobile app and IDE. I made sure it rejoined using ST’s stock handler before using mine, and sure enough, it joined and had duplicates in the IDE. What I did was pure ST out of the box functionality, so there’s something on their end causing this. Submitting a support ticket will help, which I haven’t yet, but with everything else on their platter, this will take a back burner. Plus, I believe someone here already submitted a ticket and was told this was an unsupported device, even through they have a DTH for it, go figure.

I went ahead and started using my DTH anyway because it works better, even though it shows duplicates. There’s nothing I can do about it since that’s the way ST joined the device for some reason.

@Brad_ST, FYI. Looks like you guys made some update last month for your stock DTH : “CHAD-5726 Update Thermostat DTHs to discrete capabilities #49771” If that was intended to fix the duplicate states when joining, it did not work.

Hi @Jim_Ryan, would you be willing to try something for me? I changed my DTH to go back to using a VID ST was using in their Zigbee Thermostat DTH, and that seems to have removed the duplicates in the mobile app for me.

My github repo was just updated with those changes. You will probably need to change your device to some other ST DTH, like their “Centralite Thermostat” handler, wait a minute or two, and then switch back to my updated one for things to change. At least that’s what I had to do.

Hi @johnconstantelo,
I only just now got to test your changes from December. The duplicates are gone and it all appears to be working fine except that it is showing battery of 0%. It is running on 24VAC from the furnace, but it would still be nice to know the backup battery status. Unless, of course, the thermostat itself isn’t reporting that…

Sometimes battery reporting on these are a little flakey, so it won’t update until it sends something. What I’ve done to force a report is pull the cover off and then put it back on.

Oh, good news! This morning the battery had updated. I’ll apply this DTH to the rest of my thermostats.

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