CentraLite Keypads

Haven’t installed it yet. Can I use the device type and smart app from the beginning of the post?

Installed and works. In between me changing modes the button that is highlighted is the “partial” button instead of off or on. Is anyone else with the Iris keypad seeing this?

Never mind. Partial is obviously stay/arm.

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So the new iris keypad from Lowes works fully with this device type and smart app? Are you using SHM or just changing modes? Last question :slight_smile: do you get all 3 states with this keypad: disarm, arm and stay?
I already have the Xfinity one setup and working fine but think I want another for the other door and may try this one since I can just pick it up.

yes, but currently you have to install the smartapp using IOS, there is a bug in Android.

SHM, but from reading it looks like you can use modes

yes on=away, partial=stay, off=disarm

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It does work quite well. The app I use only allows me to use routines so I just made a “arm” routine and a “disarm” routine. I have not experimented with it for all three SHM modes. Just the arm/stay and disarm. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!

The weird thing is when I set the keypad to arm, if I walk by it later and wake up the keyboard it shows partial. Same for when I set it to disarm. Immediately following me entering the code the proper mode is highlighted on the keypad but a few minutes later it will show partial. The color of the Iris icon always matches but not the keys that say on, partial and off.

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I got it up and running, working well. Now I just need to call my friend with his Ipad everytime I need to change the settings.

Funny how you need two people to change the settings on an app, but can’t even reciprocate by adding that second person to the hub. Guess he needs to sit outside until I get home, I get the feeling none of the Smartthings programmers have any friends :smile:!

I feel like the iOS/Android issue is about jamming text into tiles that are evaluating color. I’m working on a HEM device that worked fine in iOS, not in Android. When I remove the text in “currentvalue” it works. What I’m removing I wouldn’t expect to work in any case, so I’m not sure if maybe there are two different app teams, and one is handling “malformed” data, and one is not. I’d be surprised if it was the OS itself, it just doesn’t seem like an OS function, more an app function. My 0.1453 cents.

This device type wasn’t developed with the Iris model in mind. I don’t have one to test with and I kind of got lucky figuring out the Comcast model since it’s using some undocumented commands.

It’s also only intended for use with SHM. I added routine support per a request, but it needs SHM to maintain the state of the alarm system in it’s current form.

@mattjfrank I can’t recommend installing more than one app per keypad. One app is going to see an incorrect code and tell the keypad that the code was wrong, the other will report a successful arm/disarm. You’re creating a race condition by doing so and I can’t really say what state the keypad will be in. It sounds like it’s coping with it fine as long as it receives a positive acknowledgment at some point, but I can’t guarantee it will work as expected.

Has anyone successfully used an iOS emulator on windows to run the SmartThings apps?

Hey Mitch 2 quick questions.

First the keypad has a motion sensor in it, the Lowes Iris app showed it. Any chance of getting that to work?

Second is it possible to have the app store more then one code?

Thanks, Sure wish I could code but it’s just not my forte.

Do you see any messages in the logs when you trip the motion sensor? The Comcast variant does not expose this sensor over Zigbee, as far as I can tell.

There are no legal iOS emulators that run outside of Apple hardware (in my quick search). I wish, as I develop on Android. I’m going to tackle making this device work for Android as I have done for another.

Note: The ST app teams really need to get together and make sure code on one works on the other. Please don’t divide the users! ST is a hub, it brings our users together (when they are allowed in… :wink: )

Just to add onto your comment… I know @mitchp is probably a busy guy so I was going to attempt to add the following features if I was ever able to get the keypad to install correctly:

  • Multiple User profiles including PIN and Name
  • Report which user armed/disarmed using the keypad
  • Schedules for certain codes (for housekeeper, dog walker, etc.)
  • One Time Use codes
  • Variable Arm Delay

I’m not sure how successful I would be but I know these are features that would make the keypad even more desirable.

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Nope but I know it was working when paired to my Iris hub. I’m more then willing to test any code you might come up with. If it helps I also have a newer Iris Motion sensor that pairs as a SmartSense Motion Sensor and works with ST just fine. I poked around in that code and tried merging some of the motion stuff but it’s all greek to me. LOL

@mitchp Here is the log when the IRIS Keypad device is woke with it’s motion sensor. No touching of the device.

1:04:52 PM: trace [raw 0x501 {09 01 04 0000}, send 0xF56D 1 1, delay 100]
1:04:52 PM: trace Method: sendStatusToDevice(): [raw 0x501 {09 01 04 0000}, send 0xF56D 1 1, delay 100]
1:04:52 PM: trace Arm mode: disarmed
1:04:52 PM: debug Sending status to device...
1:04:52 PM: debug Keypad awake and requesting status
1:04:52 PM: debug Parsing 'catchall: 0104 0501 01 01 0140 00 F56D 01 00 0000 07 00 '


Interesting. I wonder if they’re using that zone status changed command to indicate motion. It didn’t seem to be related to motion on my device as it didn’t always show in the logs when waking, but it sort of makes sense. The command seems malformed as it’s missing the required payload…

You are way smarter then me in all this. I only dabble. I had planned to try to display this info but I have so much other to do and so little knowledge of what I’m actually doing.

I know this feeling :smile: It’s been the perfect storm of house work, yard work and work work lately. Not much time to sit down and work on hobbies, unfortunately.

I will make time if I see that my Lowe’s has the buttons or fobs in stock though. I can probably justify that to the SO

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