CentraLite Keypads

No RAW description and it doesn’t show in live logging, but I can’t get rid of it. It just comes back after a short time.

Nope. I have two Iris Keypads installed and none of them created a second device (or a thing) when I’ve paired them.

He sent me a picture of his live log, looks like the Fingerprint is 08 0104 0401 00 03 0000 0003 0500 02 0003 0501

Which resembles the fingerprint for a Securifi fob

I’m still a novice when it comes to zigbee devices, I have no idea where to start when it comes to deciphering a zigbee fingerprint. Do certain clusters indicate it accepts certain commands?

Basically, yes. @joelw135 mentioned having a fob. The Zigbee ID is even similar to those used by the Securifi fob. I’m thinking that is the malfunctioning device.

I know from having the keypad setup with the Iris hub and from testing it before it came out that it has a speaker for a chime and a motion sensor. So far no one has been able to figure out to access them in ST

That would make sense, not as exciting as I had hoped, haha.

The fob has long been removed from my setup, so it isn’t that. The device type and everything relating to it has been gone for a week.

I also have two Iris keypads with Mitch’s DTH, and no rogue “things” trying to stay paired to my hub.

I think I solved the problem by accident, I went next door to my neighbor approx 50’ away from my house. He has an alarm system and was complaining that his fobs were not working. I looked at his system log on his console and viewed the same device ID which was his fob. I removed it from his system and then paired it to his system and then went home. I then removed the “THING” from my system and am waiting to see if it comes back. I think something of overlapping mesh messed up his system, I will know for sure in a little while if I was correct.

I was so hoping it was something in the IRIS keypad which we could use, I think no such luck.

Sounds like the ZigBee “feature” for auto rejoin or whatever it is called. His fob looses sync to his system, and just happens to grab your signal first?

That is exactly what is happening. The alarm company he uses installed the alarm box on the inside of his house on the outside wall next to my office where the hub is located. He has some fancy system, that has no security per say. I just walked up to his console and without knowing any access codes I got into his system and found out the Mac and ID info and location of every device. I also was able to overpower his alarm with my old keyfob as soon as I put in the battery. I informed him of this as I was able to pair with his alarm from outside the house. He is calling his alarm company tomorrow, to get them to put in the security lock that is available in contractor setup.

That’s scary, glad you seemingly figured it out!

I feel sorry for my neighbor, he was baited into paying thousands for stuff you can buy on EBay. The Generic stuff we use from IRIS, and other sources are better than he has. His system other than the GSM module is not as good as what I have now. All I need now is a Siren. My WeMo problems are just about gone since ST updated their system software and that was my weak link.

There is something I noted in our IDE logs, the keypad code is available in the logs, would be nice if it was hidden. Or am I being a worry wort? It would also be nice if your version with the IRIS footprint be accepted as a Master at Github so if you make changes it would be updated. Someday someone will figure out the missing code and the keypad device will be complete. At least I hope so.

if you can log into IDE to see the logs then you’d already have full access to the house anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you are correct, I guess that is something I didn’t think about. I don’t know why I worry as I have iPassword and biometric access as two factor password. I am using your IRIS version and when I have it linked to Github it wants to install another version. I wish it wouldn’t do that. Would be nice if both versions would have the IRIS footprint as it would prevent confusion.

I tried to submit a pull request to @mitchp but I have no idea how to do it, it just didn’t want to let me.

For others…I installed iris keypad. Joined as thing. Fixed device type. Squat working except for temperature and battery. So I figure it’s at least talking but being belligerent.

Rather than fighting, I walked away, come back from a friends house after a few bourbons, and it was working perfectly, and showing armed and disarmed, etc in the logs.

Some of these devices, I don’t know why, just take time and I just have patience, Aeon gen 5 motion sensor same way…just took time to right itself for whatever reason.