CentraLite Keypads

Wait are we having the same problem, when you try to add a new pin with action in 3400-XKeypad Manager it fails on Android but works fine on iOS. That doesn’t create a log entry when it fails (at least on my end).

However the actual keypad works fine at executing routines once I install the smartapp via iOS.

Here are the errors I just received when trying to add
15d1473b-a2c4-45e1-9caa-7aec6f854a87 9:38:46 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.String.setDisarmed() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 83
15d1473b-a2c4-45e1-9caa-7aec6f854a87 9:38:46 AM: debug Keypad manager caught alarm status change: off
15d1473b-a2c4-45e1-9caa-7aec6f854a87 9:38:46 AM: debug Installed with settings: [stayRoutine:Good Night!, keypad:e7c68a2f-dc8f-48a0-9d59-f036a4d4481b, disarmRoutine:I’m Back!, pin:6116, armRoutine:Goodbye

Strange, I double checked and I’m not seeing these errors. Is it because I have already installed it successfully?

Can someone post a few lines prior to the groovy error? Probably just need the one line before… or wait for me to test this over the weekend. :smile:

This is everything i get
854ec14f-e9e8-4f9a-abfa-704a0e72bad6 11:15:21 AM: debug event from: Living Room Motion, value: active, source: DEVICE, description: zone status 0x0022 – extended status 0x00

3a92e9f6-84a1-4af0-85d5-a740cf27af2d 11:14:47 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.String.setDisarmed() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 83

3a92e9f6-84a1-4af0-85d5-a740cf27af2d 11:14:47 AM: debug Keypad manager caught alarm status change: off

3a92e9f6-84a1-4af0-85d5-a740cf27af2d 11:14:47 AM: debug Installed with settings: [disarmRoutine:I’m Back!, stayRoutine:Good Night!, keypad:e7c68a2f-dc8f-48a0-9d59-f036a4d4481b, armRoutine:Goodbye!, pin:6116]

f3127bfb-2475-4405-80ba-f50c4e7c56f1 11:14:45 AM: debug motion Event data successfully posted from DEVICE

c2bbbd72-7bc0-4ab4-9672-bb7832095b6c 11:14:45 AM: debug Event data successfully posted

I can’t see anything wrong at all, will have to trace it over weekend…

If you are really interested, you could post a log for a successful status change (Armed away, then disarmed). I’d be curious if all the status changes are erroring…

I think this error is different from the Android error.

The error i posted is android error when trying to install 3400-keyboard smart app

Ahh, double confused. It is android, but it’s at a different spot. I will be checking it out, as I have one of these in a box ready to play with. Thanks for the debug, I have ideas to check, thanks!

This is the specific issue. The SmartApp is not able to properly assign the correct Type and Value for the variable ‘keypad’.

Has anyone been able to try this smartapp to see if it works? This should allow sharing of codes between smartlocks and the keypad.

I gave it a quick try before leaving for the weekend and it didn’t seem to work. I will have more time to play once I get back home.

Also I didn’t have time to remove the keypad manager app first so that may be the issue.

Thanks for trying it out. It was kind of a shot in the dark so let me know if you can get it working or not.

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Hi All,

I am looking to add a keypad to set up the appropriate SHM Modes upon enter/exit of the home. I skimmed through the thread but have the following questions:

Can this keypad be used to set SHM Modes and to also set up a security code for entry? Can this be used like a traditional security alarm to set the appropriate mode upon entry / exit?

There is currently no delay option so when you open your door, the SHM will trip the alarm. You would have to put a keypad outside of your home

I’m getting this when I try to access the devicetype from the smartapp: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: supportedCommands for class: java.lang.String @ line 107

keypad is the input to the smartapp. This has got to be some dumb thing about groovy I don’t know yet, I’m a java hack (barely). Pick this back up tomorrow, but wouldn’t mind some public shaming about why I can’t do this in the smartapp:

def keypadCommands = keypad?.supportedCommands
log.debug "keypadCommands: $keypadCommands"

The root problem is the smartapp can’t seem to call methods in the device. I can’t see how that’s possible.

You need both a custom device type and a custom smartapp to make this work. By any chance did you paste one into the other’s template?

Definitely didn’t paste one into the other, I’m thankfully long past making that error.

This is deeper. And yes, I’m using a custom app and device type. I’m troubleshooting the install problems with the Smartapp. It has something to do with calling this devices commands from the Smartapp.

If this is the problem where it doesn’t install from android but it does stall from iOS, isn’t that just an issue with the install? That there some corruption problem in the initial publish?

Sort of…

I don’t actually see how this could only be Android, and it would be helpful for someone in iOS land to confirm that they have successfully installed the recent version of the SmartApp specifically.

The devicetype works fine for me (Android), but the Smartapp errors on install. It is not related to the Android app errors that I’m familiar with, it’s something else.

@JDRoberts, @bridaus,

Maybe my experience with this issue will help. This is currently an issue with Android installs only. Multiple users have confirmed that they can install the SmartApp successfully using an iOS device, even some users who’s install failed initially using Android.

The root of the issue is that the Android App is not pulling the Device Type and Device Name correctly when assigning a keypad to be used in the SmartApp. Where it should be pulling a Device Type of ‘device.centraliteKeypad’ it’s pulling one just named ‘device’. Where is should be pulling the actual name of the device it’s pulling the device ID (used in the Device page URL). See below:

What it should be:

Name	Type			Value
keypad	device.centraliteKeypad	Centralite Keypad

What it is:

Name	Type	Value
keypad	device	46931c78-9bce-4b13-8416-c355c1d39346

ST is aware of this issue and have acknowledged that it’s on their side and that it’s being worked on but they have no timeline on a fix.

Hope this sheds some light.

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