CentraLite Keypads

Has anyone found that xfinitiy 3400 keypads work better than the lowes iris keypads or vice versa?

Also, is there any risk that buying a used keypad may leave the door open to some vulnerability or a backdoor put in by the seller?

Sorry for the noob questions…


The iris keypad works well for me (I use two). It’s not working as well for some others. I think the device handler at the top of this thread was designed for the xfinity keypad. You could try either, essentially.

I don’t know that a Zigbee device like that can have a backdoor. Just reset it to the factory setting and then it’s as (in)secure as anything else connected to ST.

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I successfully installed your smartapp and setup up multiple codes shared on 2 IRIS keypads. Is there a way to require a code when the user accesses the smartapp on the phone so family members with the Smarthings app can’t modify or see the codes?

Unfortunately not but SmartThings has said they’re looking into adding different permissions for secondary user accounts. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it though.

Also, are you using the code that I have linked or the actual official code from @ethayer? I only ask because keypad functionality is now merged into the main code so you don’t need to use my custom code anymore (I won’t be updating it in the future).

Not sure. I copied it from a thread further up.

  • User Lock Manager v4.1.0
  • Copyright 2015 Erik Thayer
  • Keypad support added by BLebson


You should be using this one which is the ogival release:

Out of curiosity is there any reason to buy the X3400 over the IRIS version? Any options that are different or functions that work on one and not the other. I am only using it to arm and disarm SA. At this time I don’t have any locks and if I am reading everything correctly Lock Manager is for door locks. Is that correct?

It’s main function is to control door locks and manage user codes. I added the keypad support in order to leverage the user management functionality and allow common codes between locks and keypads (assuming you use a 4-digit code).

Not that I know of. I believe they have pretty much the same feature set.

Thanks, that is good to know. I just wish the IRIS motion sensor was more sensitive I have to be 4 to5 inches in front and then wave my hand to awake the keypad.

it is proximity sensor, not motion sensor. I is feature, you have to be about 10-20 cm far. if it lit every time is somebody going around batteries will drain pretty quickly.


I understand that, but my friend has the IRIS system and the proximity sensor works at least 8 inches away. he just has to move his hand toward the IRIS keypad and it awakes. No waving etc.

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Has anyone figured out how to get the Panic button to work and the chirp to disarm? This is my log when pressing Panic

I’m not so good with code, does anyone know if the X-3400 app runs the routine (when set in settings) in addition to changing the SHM alarm state? @mitchp?

Trying to configure an exit delay, but I’m not having much luck. I’d like the Arm/Away from the keypad to just run a routine, but I think it’s also setting the SHM alarm state immediately. I just don’t understand the code well enough to know.

I believe that’s exactly what it’s doing, i.e. running a routine that you can configure, but also setting the SHM state.

Thanks, pretty sure that’s what’s screwing me up. I’d like to have it just run the routine (where I will let Rule Machine configure a delay).

I am using Smart Alarm with the X3400 app and my delays on entrance and exit work fine. Set up the delays in Smart Alarm.

I have built in exit delays in the lock code manager SmartApp by ethayer. It’s a bit more complicated than the keypad only one and allows use with door locks.

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Has any one looked at the log entry and maybe figure out the Panic button?

Thank you Ben. I was able to take the original 3400-X code and copy back the arm delay info from ethayer’s code to give myself a custom solution. I added independent delays for “stay” and “away” modes