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CentraLite Keypads


(Brian) #580

I arm through the routines and/or the keypad but I don’t use SHM. I don’t think there is a way to utilize SHM or the SHM dashboard and use the SmartAlarm delays.

(Joel W) #581

Yes, but at least I can see the status of the Alarm after arming from Keypad. I wish we can find the hidden, chime, panic and the timer beep sequence that would be very useful. Did you see my screenshot? I think I can delete it as it already had the Keypad paired.

(Joel W) #582

I removed the “THING” item doesn’t affect anything. Not sure why pairing found the correct device Centralite keypad and also created “THING”, but it was doing nothing so I just removed it.

(Joel W) #583

Guy’s I don’t understand a device called :THING" keeps showing up even with the proper device type found called Centralite Keypad. There is a screenshot If anyone has any idea what it is and how to configure it please let me know. All I know is it has to do with Keypad.

(Will) #584

You need to change the device type (use the pull down menu to choose the correct device). The keypad is not an “Acceleration Sensor”.

Install the device handler


Then change it to that new device.

Edit: Sorry I see you are having a second device show up, are you sure it isn’t finding another device that has been disconnected? From time to time I have an Iris Motion Detector drop off and when I add a device ST does what you are describing above. Check all of your devices and make sure they are functioning within the Smartthings app and they haven’t somehow dropped off.

Sorry about the confusion.

(Will) #585

Also if you don’t get what I’m saying in the post above try reading this:

(Joel W) #586

When I paired it found the IRIS keypad and it was correct and still shows Centralite Keypad. This is a second item called thing, that if I remove it it comes back. The only reason the “THING” shows Acceleration sensor is because that is the first thing on the pull down menu. The Keypad works fine, but everytime I remove this “THING” it returns. I am wondering if it is another zigbee device inside the keypad. All my devices are accounted for and working this is crazy.

When I press Panic I get this in LOG

It doesn’t prevent anything from working but I hate having a device taking up space on the dashboard. I removed it again and I am sure within an hour it will be back.Well showed back up in six minutes and it says active, wish I knew what in the keypad has its own device type. When I set it up as a keypad it was missing functions such as temp and battery. so it is a separate device, and know way to figure out what it is.

(Ben Lebson) #587

The only way to tell if this is a separate zigbee device within the keypad is by finding it’s “Raw Description”. Maybe @mitchp could help point you in the right direction.

(Joel W) #588

I sent a message to mitch, maybe he can see something. I really think it is a device within the IRIS keypad what I have no idea. I can’t delete it as it comes back so maybe it is a lead to getting the complete keypad working.

(Mitch Pond) #589

Is anyone else with the Iris keypads seeing a second device?

@joelw135 The Zigbee ID in the screenshot you sent me is definitely a CentraLite device, just not sure what without the “raw description”…

(Joel W) #590

No RAW description and it doesn’t show in live logging, but I can’t get rid of it. It just comes back after a short time.

(Rudi Prunzel) #591

Nope. I have two Iris Keypads installed and none of them created a second device (or a thing) when I’ve paired them.

(Ben Lebson) #592

He sent me a picture of his live log, looks like the Fingerprint is 08 0104 0401 00 03 0000 0003 0500 02 0003 0501

(Mitch Pond) #593

Which resembles the fingerprint for a Securifi fob

(Ben Lebson) #594

I’m still a novice when it comes to zigbee devices, I have no idea where to start when it comes to deciphering a zigbee fingerprint. Do certain clusters indicate it accepts certain commands?

(Mitch Pond) #595

Basically, yes. @joelw135 mentioned having a fob. The Zigbee ID is even similar to those used by the Securifi fob. I’m thinking that is the malfunctioning device.

(Bernie H) #596

I know from having the keypad setup with the Iris hub and from testing it before it came out that it has a speaker for a chime and a motion sensor. So far no one has been able to figure out to access them in ST

(Ben Lebson) #597

That would make sense, not as exciting as I had hoped, haha.

(Joel W) #598

The fob has long been removed from my setup, so it isn’t that. The device type and everything relating to it has been gone for a week.

(Mark) #599

I also have two Iris keypads with Mitch’s DTH, and no rogue “things” trying to stay paired to my hub.