CentraLite Keypads

Weird. The reason I asked all of those questions is that SHM has been terrible for the last week. The app would say it was disarmed, and the keypad would say the same, but the sirens would go off anyway. I deleted it and am using the Smart Alarm smartapp now and it works great. My routines are firing though so I can see lights change to verify that the pin actually did something. I used the smartapp to control the keypad that is in the first post of this thread, not the lock code manager. I would delete the keypad and re-add it.

It’s working now… I honestly have no idea what the heck suddenly made it start working but it is. Thank you for your quick replies and for your work on this project. Do you have a paypal account that I can donate towards? I like to support developers working on cool project such as this.

Oh I didn’t develop it. I just happened to have just finished doing so I figured I’d try and help. The first one was easy but when I went to install the keypad upstairs it was a pain in the butt. People help me all the time here so I try and help when I can but honestly, I’m way outclassed here. I believe Mike began the work on this. He is the person on the first post of this thread. Glad it’s working for you. Since I’m using the Smart Alarm now, it has a delay built in so it actually works like an alarm system. Reach out if you need anything else.

I lied. It was @mitchp

SmartThings already used the term “modes” one way before they created Smart HomevMonutor, and then for some unfathomable reason they decided to call a completely different value, the armed status for smart home monitor, exactly the same thing. “Mode”

Which is really confusing when using routines because you can’t actually put the smart home Monitor “mode” values into the fields where you can select the other kind of modes. they’re just two different fields called by the same name.

So you put original “modes” values into one field:

And “smart home monitor modes” values into a completely different field.

If it was me, I would rename the “smart home monitor mode” to “smart Home monitor status,” but as it is we have two different fields with the same name. So obviously it’s easy to get confused. :sunglasses:

Got the Iris working with smartthings. Here’s a video of how it works after getting it setup.


If you wanted to try out a modified version of the Lock Code Manager with multiple keypad support check out my code below:


Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it. I just got lucky and had just finished installing it. I’m glad it’s working for you. Shout out to all of the developers from me as well. This has been the best addition to the system so far in terms of acceptance factor.

Hey Ben -

Running the singular keypad verison, with multiple keypads. Working fine.

I know there can be additional functions you can assign to different keypads, but I am not clear on features/functions this new multi-keypad version adds.

Are you able to clarify that?

This version is the same one I had posted before. All it does differently from @mitchp’s SmartApp is that it removes the restriction of only using one keypad. I only have a single keypad so I have no idea if it will work properly or not.

I just picked up two of the new Iris keypads. I was able to get both working for my front and back doors by using @mitchp’s device handler and two instances of his smartapp. I can arm/disarm SHM from each keypad, and the SHM status is accurately displayed by the color of the Iris logo on the keypads. Thanks, Mitch! Awesome job!!


Do these keypads make noise? can I send a door sensor event to them to make them “ding”?

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The keypad buttons do make a noise when you press them, and it chirps when the mode changes. The packaging suggests you can use it as a door chime for open/close events (with iris), but I assume that would require some change to a device handler and/or smartapp to work with ST (if it’s possible at all).

Is anyone else having trouble with the keypad not showing the correct state of the system ( SHM or Routine?) when I come home it is fine but when good morning fired, the keypad still stays red. Anyone else?

it sounds like the keypad isn’t getting an update from the system. You’d have to capture your Live Log in IDE while changing modes to see what the issue is.


Removed and re-added the keypads today to see if it fixed it. Seems random. Don’t have the time to track down what is triggering/failing.

I suspect it’s related to the terrible updates from ST.

That’s what I was thinking. Probably from the ST end. The sirens went off on my fiancé again last night despite the home being disarmed. I am using smart alarm now and haven’t had a false alarm for a few days until this. I noticed the app still doesn’t update correctly where it tells you what mode you are in ( home, away, night ). Can that actually have anything to do with it?

Is anyone up for the challenge to update the code to get a door chime to work on door open event? Really would appreciate this!

Is the current device type good for anything but arm/disarm SHM? Would be nice to launch different things based on a particular code entered or key sequence. (minimote in disguise)

Mine switches between routines