Centralite HA Thermostat

Thanks! This one appears to read the temp, and still sets the fan mode, but nothing else. There is also quire a bit of delay on making changes such as fan. What is supposed to be in the configure button?

Wish I knew more how to develop this.

You should be able to set the heat/cool point with slide or up/down arrow. Configure button just send/sync to thermostat. Centralite Thermostat is not as fancy as NEST or ecobee thermostat. i would not expect too much.from it :slight_smile:

This code works perfectly for my thermostat. Thanks. I chatted with the customer rep and he helped me on how to add these codes.
Go to: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com

Log in, create own device type. Copy the whole code and paste it. Publish it and save it. Go back to your app and it will show your thermostat as centralite. But you must have the device paired already. You should be able to see everything and control temperature, fan, heat, cool, on and off.

Thanks a lot!
I had been using another version of this device handler, but I like yours more.
I made a few modifications to it to suit my likes and needs a bit more, but generally, having your modifications was really nice. :slight_smile:

e.g. Not sure if this change was from you or somebody else, but having the setpoint up/down buttons to use instead of the mindnumbingly cumbersome sliders is a no-brainer. lol

There’s something I’ve noticed (which I think I already saw somebody comment about at some point) that I’m wondering about…

When clicking the setpoint up/down arrows, the reliability is horrible (if I click it, say, three times to go up three degrees, it usually only recognizes either one or two of the three clicks), but when a command is sent from a rule in CoRE (regardless of how far away the new setpoint is), it seems to work just fine.

Is there any way to make the process of clicking the setpoint up/down buttons more reliable?

First…Thanks for your assistance via PM.

My Centralite HA Thermostat seems to report the temp higher than actual.

Is there any chance you’d be able/willing to add the ability to specify a temperature offset?

@dchau11 (and/or anyone else)

Since the recent SmartThings Mobile App update, the setpoint numbers are no longer showing in this device.
Do you have any idea if there is anything we can do to fix this?

I have IOS. It work fine for me. Not sure if it is releated to Android since I do not have Android.

Also, there is no option or setting in the thermostat that can set the offset temperature and send to the thermostat.


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After smartthings app update today, now my current temp display is extremely small. Any way to fix it?

It looks like the upgrade broke the PRIMARY_CONTROL of Thermostat Multi-Attribute Tile which is used to display the current temperature.

Is it an easy fix?

Can’t fix. It need to be reported to ST support.

It’s funny… mine changed too, but in a different way…

Now, although the ‘current temp’ number still looks the same as before, there is now a new number being displayed between the up and down arrows to the right of the current temp display number. The goofy thing is, instead of this new number being a display of the current SetPoint, it’s just another instance of the current temp number lol So, it’s useless. :slight_smile:

I know I cheaped-out when I got this tstat (I only paid like $36), but man it would be cool to have a device handler that actually works well. I mean, if nothing changes, I’ll still keep using it, and I really do appreciate the work that has gone into it, but I would really like to be able to see the current setpoint within the app. As of now, the only way I can see the current setpoint is to click either up or down, and immediately go to the ‘Recent’ tab, and look to see what setpoint it was just changed to. lol

I CANNOT get this thing to pair, I can’t even get it to show up as a generic Thing. I can get thermostat into pairing mode (flashing link light) When I set the app to look for a new device, the link light goes solid immediately but the app never finds a thing… any suggestions?

Any luck I am stuck at the same spot

No :frowning: I gave up and bought a Nest

for some reason no matter how long i hold the “Hold” button and release after it resets and shows the temp, it will not go into pairing mode

@dchau11 I even tried going into the programming and doing 2110 or 2310 like the guide below says and the device actually doesn’t let you move to the 3rd number if you start with 21 or 23



I realize this is an old topic, but I’ll give it a try and see what happens. So, I recently got a Smartthings hub, added a bunch of devices and – for the most part – things are going well. The Centralite Thermostat is proving a bit of a challenge, though. I’ve been reading through this post and trying to follow the advice here. I’ve been monitoring the Events of the device and my observations are these…

  • The device seems to actively respond to mode and setpoint changes virtually instantly. This is a good thing.

  • The device doesn’t seem to update the current temperature nor does it respond to refresh or configure events. (Yes, I’ve read that config does nothing.) Previously, I have had it respond to a refresh. It just seems that this is intermittent and at the moment, it’s not working.

The device status is ACTIVE and, as I said, it is responding to the set commands. Also, my ST panel looks very different from a previous post:

I’m on a Android - Note 8 - Oreo…

I’ve created and published the previously posted device handler – wasn’t in my list before – but nothing seems to have changed. (Do I need to reboot the hub or anything?)

I’m also a seasoned developer, but ignorant on ST and Groovy – would love to learn more.

So, anyone have any advice, thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks much!

Months go by…

I’ve been using the Centralite Pearl for about a year. It works fine, but reporting is slow or non existent. It does not display current status at all well. Some how, I think it is difficult in a Zigbee device. This same problem occurred in another Zigbee thermostat that I was playing with.

The command for “Report” or “Update” does not seem effective. Was wondering if Health Check would make any difference in the DH.


Updated DH seems better. More responsive. Has vid for ST2 app.

Reports battery incorrectly. Mine is on power, so should not be showing “battery 1%”