Centralite Dimmer 3385001

Hello all!

This is my first post, as I am new to SmartThings, and home automation in general. I grabbed a Centralite Dimmer 3385001 to play around with and get familiar with the system. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck with this device. I’ve tried using the custom device handler for the WorksWith dimmer, which is the same thing from what I understand. It pairs up well, and runs ok for about 5-10 minutes, but then becomes unresponsive. The hub log shows a similar catchall every time right when it stops responding. The catchall is as follows:

catchall: 0000 8038 00 00 0140 00 0000 00 00 0000 00 00 000000F8FF071500060010AAB4E9C2B7CDAFC1C7A9C6

This is the device handler I’ve been using - https://github.com/jkrischt/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/jkrischt/workswith-dimmer.src/workswith-dimmer.groovy

Anyone have any ideas what the problem may be? Thank you for the help!


So I solved the problem, in case anyone stumbles upon this post with the same problem. I was trying to use this switch with LED lights (which I didn’t even realize were LEDs). I guess the switch would disconnect itself anytime the dimmer was set because it’s not capable of use on LEDs. I switched to incandescent lights and that fixed it, using the above device handler.