Ceiling fixtures packaged with remotes. Bypass proprietary remote and connect compatible controller yourself?

I know more than most of my friends but would still be considered a noobie here. I do a lot of research, but still get overwhelmed. As usual the best deals come with little information. It is not possible to determine the actual LED type for each inside the product per option. Since there are so many different products in the line using these “circles”, it is possible the push them all out with the same dimmable
chips. Some of the coolest fixtures are being packaged with 2.4ghz (seemingly proprietary) remotes as an option across the board, with a few also offering and alexa/google ready version. Inevitably, the ones I’m interested in only offer the “remote” version, which the manufacturer states cannot be dimmed at the wall. Why could you not order the “with remote” version and simply bypass pairing the manufacture’s remote and pair with your own controller out of the box? At the very least it seems like it would be easy to locate and switch out a module. Anybody have experience with any of these https://www.lightinthebox.com/en/p/2pcs-lot-led20w-modern-pendant-light-led-ceiling-hanging-fixtures-aluminium-acrylic-for-living-bedroom-dia-40cm-warm-white-white-dimmable-with-remote_p8058858.html?prm=