Ceiling Fans: Hampton Bay zigbee VS. Sonoff ifan02 WiFi

Looks like the tasmota guys are saying that the ifan03 board is quite different from the ifan02.

Hopefully there will be a new/updated DH for the ifan03, so I can use that with ST as opposed to the tasmota nightly that I have on there now.

you can flash with Tasmota and then use Bretts device handler with a slight modification.
Works fine, just finished testing it.

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I’ve been using Tasmota on my iFan03 for a while now. Can confirm it’s working well.

Hi @fooktheta i am unable to get the tasmota device to spawn child devices for ifan03? What is the line that needs to be modified in the DTH? Ive already changed Line 257 case 44: //iFan03.