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Ceiling fan controller?


Yes, I have installed two of the GE fan speed controllers and they work great. Configuring with SmartThings was easy. Just remember these are intended for fans that have existing wall switches for fan speed control since they replace these existing wall control switches. .

(Tom forti) #104

Hey everyone finally got everything working with my project.
I have a hampton bay RF remote controlling all the fans in my house now via smartthings.
I made up a github with all my work, let me know if you have any questions.

What Arduino parts do I need to buy for Ceiling Fan RF remote box
(Rex Irby) #105

Something to consider on all the non zigbee or zwave ceiling fan controllers are their serious standby “vampire” electricity draw - I had 3 of them
Just like the one Tomforti has posted above - in a box collecting dust now!!

I pulled the remote recievers out and hard wired to single instance 3 way fan speed control / full cfl light dimmers. They were pulling anywhere from 20-30 watts 247 waiting for you to hit the remote, just like the garage door opener. Annual savings for 4 devices pulled off the 247 vampire electricity train was 876 kwh or $148 per year!! (using 25 watt average and .17 per kWh)

Over ten years that’s $1,480 in wasted electricity!!

(Benji) #106

Sweet jebus! That’s a little excessive! Thanks for the warning!

(Community Journeyman) #107

This SmartApp can turn a fan, AC unit, heater of electric blanket on or off depending on a temperature range. I’m looking for some feedback since I don’t have a ton of devices to test it on.


(Dale C) #108

Add another +1 to that fanlync.

I ended up writing a smart app that does this

(Dale C) #109

I’ll give a whirl on my fan and let you know. Is there a thread somewhere that you started on your app that you want the feedback?

(Community Journeyman) #110

you can put the feedback in this thread.

(Dale C) #111

@Lojack Testing the app but it is crashing. I am using temperature from a SmartThings multipurpose sensor and I trigger the fan ON as a cooling unit. It crashes after I try selecting the devices I want to use and is telling me it is sending the developer a notification about it. Here is my device setup at this thread Control 3-speed Ceiling Fan and Light Kit? I have been using the Virtual Thermostat smartapp but unloaded to test yours.

I manually am setting the variable speed but ideally want to do it automatically in an app. The idea being at desired setpoint trigger the Fan ON and also Low Speed, if temp continues to rise 2 more degrees set speed to Medium Speed. If temp rises 2 more degrees then set fan speed to High Speed. And the reverse should happen to lower Fan Speed in increments until it shuts off the fan 2 degrees below desired setpoint.

For now I configured three new routines that set the fan speed for Low, Medium, High so if the app could trigger routines based on the above?

(Dale C) #112

@chrisb It certainly isn’t the ideal configuration like the Insteon hardware but at least it works. I had a similar problem to you but in my case I had power wiring to the ceiling fan without any wall switches. It was a remodel and since the fan had pull chains I didn’t get the wall switch installed. So I ended up installing both the fan speed and light controller inside the canopy.

Continuing the discussion from Control 3-speed Ceiling Fan and Light Kit:

(Community Journeyman) #113

Are you still seeing that error? I’m having trouble reproducing it. I’ll keep trying.

(Dale C) #114

Yes, Let me try uninstalling and reinstalling it just in case something went weird. Did you get notified about the crash like SmartThings is reporting? I wonder if it is giving you any clues as to what it might be. Just a thought about wording. “Thing with thermostat” is a little confusing. Isn’t it supposed to be “Temperature input”?

UPDATE: I reloaded and it OK until I started changing settings and then it still crashes. If I set the app to be cooling. The crash occurs when I changed the lower setpoint to 65? From now on no matter what I set the setpoint to “it” crashes. The exact bubble message says “SmartThings has crashed, but a report has been sent to the developer.”

(Community Journeyman) #115

That’s good information and maybe enough of a clue for me to figure out what’s wrong.

…no report was send to me. You see the SmartApp. It’s pretty simple and their isn’t any code to do that.

Stay tuned…

(Community Journeyman) #116

Is this similar to your setup?

(Dale C) #117

Yes that is correct, here it is from my screen. I tried using the SmartThings multisensor for the temperature reading in “Thing with thermostat” then I switched to the ecobee3 as my temp input just to see if it would help. The device that I am sending the “Switch to control…” to is Dimmer Switch Device labeled Ceiling Fan Speed. BTW the temperature input reading is at 70.

(Dale C) #118

Hey something is going on outside of your app! I reinstalled Virtual Thermostat and I get that one to crash SmartThings as well so it can’t be your app but something else like a device type maybe?

(Community Journeyman) #119

Have you figured it out yet? It’s still working for me. It would be nice if someone else tried to install it.

(Dale C) #120

I wish I could figure it out. I opened a support ticket with SmartThings to get some help. I do not think it is you at all since I get the same crash with Virtual Thermostat by SmartThings. For whatever reason I can get it to fail with your app very easily but I can get the same error with other apps. I think when support tells me “the developer” that is getting notified it will help my troubleshooting.

(Dale C) #121

I am not a developer so I am just curious, Is it possible to modify the SmartThings SmartLighting code to simply include Temperature as one of the triggers?

(Bruce) #122

No, but you can use Rule Machine instead of Smart Lighting. It will do everything that Smart Lighting does (except run locally), and includes temperature as a trigger.