Ceiling fan control - no light (UK)

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UK based here and I have done a search with no real UK products appearing.

Looking to add a ceiling fan to smartthings. It has a wall switch (2 gang - 1 for fan, 1 for a separate ceiling light) to power it on/off, along with a pull switch at the fan for three speed levels, and again the fourth pull puts it to off.

Any help appreciated


What is the best way to add this to ST please

As you’ve noticed, there aren’t a lot of choices for the UK. :disappointed_relieved:

  1. I think the most likely one, and it’s going to depend on the specific wiring in the ceiling rose for your fan, is the following sonoff model:

Sonoff is a good company with a decent safety certification and is quite popular in the community. It’s a Wi-Fi device and I don’t know if it works with the current official integration. You might have to use Ifttt or Alexa Routines as an intermediary ( and IFTTT has just started charging a monthly subscription if you have more than three rules with them).

So I think it can probably be done as long as the wiring works with your specific fan model, but it may be a bit of a slog to get it all set up and ultimately you will probably end up with four scenes for the four fan settings.

  1. There is also a Tuya fan switch, but I don’t think the engineering is as good on this one and I am just not sure if it will work. There has been a lot of changes in Tuya integrations in the last year. So I am putting it here in case you might find it on your own, but I would hope to hear confirmation from someone who is actually using it with smartthings.
  1. in general, if you can find a fan controller that works with your wiring that can be controlled by Alexa, you may be able to create a SmartThings integration that way. But it has to be one that can be controlled through an Alexa routine, not just a voice command.


  1. another general solution would be one that uses Ifttt, but since they are going through a major business model change right now, I am reluctant to suggest investing in anything that will depend on that, since my own concern is that it may go away all together in the next year.

Exactly, interestingly I have just ordered a Raspberry Pi to handle some of my lighting automations that currently use IFTTT and change them to homebridge

Thanks for the info, I will look at the Sonoff and see if my wiring fits with that, and the ways I can possibly integrate it with SIRI and ST

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I believe both @hongtat and @Richierich have been using The Sonoff ifan03 with SmartThings And may have some additional comments. :sunglasses:

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Hopefully they will chip in for me then :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using a ifan03 flashed with tasmota.
Note you can only use with ac fans not dc fans
I’m looking at a dc fan about to be released with a Tuya controller. But dc fans appear to be lacking integration.
My ifan03 controls the fan but is not connected to the light… instead it’s activation causes it to send a request to a sonoff mini (also flashed with tasmota) that is on the light switch.
This means I can have two way switching on the light and the fan operates independently of the light.
If you use the ifan03 on its own, your light switch powers the fan and light! And it becomes messy!

From Richard

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I don’t have a light so that complication is removed. It’s just a three speed fan

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Yes. I’m using ifan03 with Tasmota firmware and Tasmota (connect).


OK great info thanks

So im a newb, so is the flashing quite easy - I dont solder but can get someone to help there. Other than that the process looks straight forward!!

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I don’t solder too - I use pin header and wire, just need to hold it firmly to complete the flashing. It takes a few retries to get it right.


OK great, if that works I will try that way first

So i am assuming one of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32761423124.html will do the trick @hongtat