Ceiling fan and light help for disabled (nonverbal)

  1. I have 3 currently installed with differing fans, but all with LED dimmable bulbs that are between 6W and 9W each (3-4 per fan) and have had zero issues with control once I set the min/max dimmer settings (typically around 3% min and 75% max as I don’t observe increased lighting with higher %).
  2. community.inovelli.com is fantastic and friendly/helpful. I believe they are working out the kinks in their internal system (I personally have struggled between community messages, tickets, community posts, etc., it’s still not 100% centralized/tracked).
  3. I’ll have to take a look for these but this is not occuring in my home with over 20 Inovelli devices. Perhaps they aren’t using the latest firmware (having a stick is almost a must to update these, Inovelli is continually improving their products but OTA updates are not supported on ST).

I’m around, just tag me if you have any questions. I’m also in the inovelli community.

Lastly, understand that while they are “new” to the scene, they actually have been around a while and had to revamp their ENTIRE business as they had a falling out with their last manufacturer. They are doing it “right” this time, are VERY transparent, and are willing to support their product 100% of the time if you give them a chance. I’ve found them to be transparent, responsive, and a company that I will support into the future.

Thank you @Eric_Inovelli for your detailed write up and response. Hopefully @Terri_Baker , this can alleviate your concerns, as I truly think the Inovelli Fan/Light switch is the ideal application for what you need, and with that new firmware, you should be rock solid with your reliability.

The more I see the applications of what people are using smart home technology for, the more I realize that for many, especially the elderly or those with disabilities, this isn’t just a hobby, but an essential lifeline to remain independent and in their homes.

If you need any other help with webcore pistons or this project, feel free to post them here and I will give any assistance I can.


Thank you @Eric_Inovelli for the response. I will be in touch soon.

Thank you @JDRoberts, @mwav3, @Kevin_Reene for all the information and support!