CEDIA Expo (Dallas Oct 14th...): Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

Just wondering if any folks here are members of CEDIA and/or planning to attend the “Expo” in Dallas?

Even though SmartThings does not (currently?) have a “pro” marketing channel and is focused on DIY, there’s quite a lot of industry overlap and very educational sessions (and certification programs…).


Been to a few cedia shows. There is zero diy stuff here. If you are a custom installer or dealer, the show is great, but not for consumers or diyers / hackers.

I would not recommend to most people that have st to go to it. You will only see how things have been done for years in home automation, correctly and reliably.

The only catch is you have to pay someone else a lot of money to do it. And everything costs a ton of money showing at cedia. And that is just dealer cost :slight_smile:


How much of this do you think is a result of better products/platform vs. custom professional installation skill?

I suppose one influences the other?

Not sure what you mean, but if the ENTIRE ST team went to CEDIA and walked around and saw just who is their historical competition, they would see that they are so far behind in so many ways compared to Crestron, Control4 and others.

However, with that said, ST is on the right path and if the next couple of moves are done right, they will start to create new markets in the low end and middle end markets for HA and IoT.

ST has major challenges ahead of itself, the biggest of which is that all the big boys in this high end space realized their customer isn’t the end user, but a dealer in the middle. Most of the high end HA providers will probably never sell direct to a consumer or allow much or any DIY in their systems.

I know a lot of dealers in this space, most don’t know how to program, so they aren’t going to to the integration into ST. The manufacturers have to and why would they allow cheaper and easier devices into their ecosystem. That would be like Apple allowing Android apps to run on an iPhone.

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I always loved attending CEDIA for their Audio!! MBL always brings in these AMAZING set-ups. Same High-End clientele are the same ones gravitated to Control4 and Cestron.

However, I am starting to see there is an interest in these solutions for their vacation/2nd/3rd/50th property space. :slight_smile:

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But the high end customers don’t attend cedia. Just the dealers. Its like a drug dealer convention for high end av gear and automation. “I need more.” Should be their slogan.