Ceclus 4K TV from Sainsburys Smartthings Integration

I created some DTHs, might be useful for someone -

I’ve got them running behind virtual switches so I can ask Alexa/GH to turn them on. The TV must already be on, but you can open netflix and youtube with this. I’m working on turning the TV on and off itself, but running into an issue with that. Once I have it sorted naturally I’ll update the original thread.

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DTH to complete the following are all done -

HDMI switching
Wireless display switching
TV on/off

Each are individual DTHs, that you can pair with virtual switches and use with alexa/GH.

Caveat: The first time you power on the TV from the wall you need to wait some time for the wifi to connect etc. Sometimes these don’t work until after you turned the TV on from the remote. I’ll figure this bit out next, first part was just achieving the above.