Category changes

Hi I have managed to track down the apps I wanted - Flasher for hue lights and app for multiple sonos - all well and good managed to publish them - great - then couldn’t find them in the smart things app market place.

PROBLEM is they appear to be under a category that no longer exists.
ANY idea how to solve this problem please?
Thanks F

None of the suggested topics are of any use I looked through loads before making my post.
The problem is the CATEGORY the app wants to find in the smartthings app on my phone does not exist - Lights are not under SMART LABS and so the STapp is not finding the published apps. I don’t know how to change the CATEGORY in the code to make ST app find the published apps!

The Category “MyApps” is not showing up in the market place > smart apps > My apps ?
or your published smart app is not showing up there ?

e.g. I have published an app called ‘flasher’- for hue lights- which has a category in the code for "Smart Labs"
THERE is no such category in the ST App - therefore I can’t find it in the ST market place. The category which Hue lights comes under is “Lights and Switches”.
I don’t know how to change the code - or if that is possible - to make the "flasher app’ visible in ST marketplace and therefore useable.
This applies to other apps I have published - however, if a published app HAS a category that appears in the ST app then the app is visible and useable.