Casting a website to Chromecast with Voice Command from Google Assistant

Looking for some help from the community on how to do this well.

I would like to be able to say “Hey Google, where is Whitney?”

Ideally, I would like a response back from Google Assistant telling me where she is… However, unless there is an app already designed for this, I imagine it could be really difficult.

Another idea I have is for the response to come back in the form of a visual one. I have Whitney’s phone location shared on Google Maps with me. If I could turn on the TV, and chromecast the website to show me, this would also be a good solution. Was thinking of a stringify flow or set of IFTTT commands.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

And what does this question have to do with SmartThings?

If it can be done with SmartThings, I’m all for it.

No, it cannot.

Any idea on how it can be done?

Nope. I’m sure you could but you’d have to write something for the assistant SDK. Might want to post over on a google assistant forum.

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As mentioned, this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform. So you should definitely look for a Google assistant forum and talk to people there.

Meanwhile, I will mention that there is a free service, life360, which does have an official smartthings integration, but it also happens to have an official Alexa skill which does exactly what you described for voice, but with an Amazon device.

So you might also want to check with life360 and see if they have anything similar planned for Google home/assistant.

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As far as sending the notification to google home. You might be able to use google assistant relay to broadcast the information.

As far as getting the information I have done this with a virtual switch named “Tom location “. From there I have a shortcut in google home setup when I say” where is tom” it turns the switch on.

From there, I have a piston that uses the geolocation from Toms presence sensor to determine whe they are and the approximate time from home.

You need to send get requests from the piston and use the responses to push that information to your speaker. Mine actually plays on a sonos play one.

So yes it can be done


This is cool!

Can you give more information or point me to how a piston recieving a geolocation can be done?

Please and thanks.

I am using webcore first off.

Secondly, I am using the webcore presence sensor. From that sensor it creates a device for each person you setup. There are a number of attributes you can access from webcore. One of which is latitude and longitude

[devicename:longitude] for example

Here is my piston that I am using to send info to my sonos

And my switches are named location request tom, location request Kim, location request mikala