Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

@zraken Could it be developed? Is there an API available?

Sorry, no idea… I haven’t looked into that. Given that it is wink compatible (according to Carrier’s PR) there’s hope that it can be controlled from ST as well.

I don’t have Carrier Cor, but in my Lutron Caseta it shows up as a supported device. So maybe you can control Carrier Cor in SmartThings via Lutron integration as I can control all my Lutron stuff in SmartThings.

Hi Tyler, checking in to see if you’d made any progress on the Carrier support for SmartThings?

Not yet, but I can give some details on what I’m up to.

I’ve taken nods from the approach used by Infinitude (i.e. using the proxy functionality to inject settings), but the problem I’ve had is keeping it alive on a local network. I’m working on something similar that lives on a hosted server (in the cloud, per se). I’m trying to make it so that multiple thermostats could be proxied. My idea is that many on this thread may not have the time/expertise to set up Infinitude on their local network (there are tradeoffs, so obviously some may like this idea, and some may not). Progress is slow as this is just a hobby project, but I’ll let everyone know if/when I have something to share!

Interesting approach, thanks for the update.

I have a few of those types of integrations setup on my home network including an alarm system integration (DSC Alarms <-> Smartthings) and my home security camera system (Blinkforhome <-> Smartthings) both via python.

Let me know if you want anyone to help setup/test it in their environment.


I believe my previously posted MITM code could easily be extended to become a multi-user proxy and outgoing push controller. Now, if I only had the time…

When I click on DONE in the Bryant MyEvolution app in setup I get an error "Error Saving Unnamed page.Please contact SmartApp developer.

I installed the app from github and the device handler from someone up higher in this thread. I have alexa integration with my thermostat as I can ask what temperature the thernmostat is.

Any suggestions?

also…since I haven’t been able to see the app…will it get humidity inside and out from the thermostat ?
will I be able to use within webcore ? I want to have Alexa tell me when its good to open and close windows,


Hi all, bumping this to see if there has been any progress or any help needed in testing works in progress?

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