Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

@zraken Could it be developed? Is there an API available?

Sorry, no idea… I haven’t looked into that. Given that it is wink compatible (according to Carrier’s PR) there’s hope that it can be controlled from ST as well.

I don’t have Carrier Cor, but in my Lutron Caseta it shows up as a supported device. So maybe you can control Carrier Cor in SmartThings via Lutron integration as I can control all my Lutron stuff in SmartThings.

Hi Tyler, checking in to see if you’d made any progress on the Carrier support for SmartThings?

Not yet, but I can give some details on what I’m up to.

I’ve taken nods from the approach used by Infinitude (i.e. using the proxy functionality to inject settings), but the problem I’ve had is keeping it alive on a local network. I’m working on something similar that lives on a hosted server (in the cloud, per se). I’m trying to make it so that multiple thermostats could be proxied. My idea is that many on this thread may not have the time/expertise to set up Infinitude on their local network (there are tradeoffs, so obviously some may like this idea, and some may not). Progress is slow as this is just a hobby project, but I’ll let everyone know if/when I have something to share!

Interesting approach, thanks for the update.

I have a few of those types of integrations setup on my home network including an alarm system integration (DSC Alarms <-> Smartthings) and my home security camera system (Blinkforhome <-> Smartthings) both via python.

Let me know if you want anyone to help setup/test it in their environment.


I believe my previously posted MITM code could easily be extended to become a multi-user proxy and outgoing push controller. Now, if I only had the time…

When I click on DONE in the Bryant MyEvolution app in setup I get an error "Error Saving Unnamed page.Please contact SmartApp developer.

I installed the app from github and the device handler from someone up higher in this thread. I have alexa integration with my thermostat as I can ask what temperature the thernmostat is.

Any suggestions?

also…since I haven’t been able to see the app…will it get humidity inside and out from the thermostat ?
will I be able to use within webcore ? I want to have Alexa tell me when its good to open and close windows,


Hi all, bumping this to see if there has been any progress or any help needed in testing works in progress?

I gave up waiting for carrier infinity intregation with smartthings… and installed eccobee thermostat. Works fine works great with keen vents. But I wish there was a solution for carrier infinity to get my efficiency back. Really disappointing… any updates???

Interesting, so the gain from being SmartThings connected outweighs the 5 stages of controlled cooling on your Infinity AC unit? How many SEER is the unit now you have effectively crippled its efficiency control with a “dumb” thermostat?

How did you come with 5 stages of controlled cooling ?
If you read the carrier manual and you will see there no difference how unit is functioning. Currently with ecobeesetzone schedule control app I am able to run furnace/ac more efficiently and deliver the temperature to each room based on demand. Comparing my bills from last year I pay 20% less. Carrier app is not stable never can log in remotely cant control my keen vent. So I see no benefit of have it unless it is connected to smartthings where I can intregate with keen vent.

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My unit has 5 stages of cooling and heating you can see these being activated in system status area of the thermostat. The system ramps up and down depending on cooling load:needs

@gavmitchau… Just curious when you say 5 stages of cooling and heating do you mean 2 stages of cooling, 2 stages of heating with one dead band in between with no heating and cooling?

I have a 2 stage Infinity split system with a gas fired furnace and this is how it is controlled.

Whether to use the Carrier Infinity thermostat or a thermostat such as Ecobee , I believe is a matter of choice. The Ecobee or similar thermostat might be able to be interfaced with Smartthings (depending on the thermostat)…a big advantage since the Carrier infinity app is, in my opinion, a little flaky. However, the Carrier Infinity thermostat is a communicating type thermostat that directly addresses both the indoor and outdoor units.

I am not a service tech, but I believe most service techs would prefer the Infinity thermostat because they can call up a list of recent faults or events from both the outdoor and indoor units, something you would not be able to do with any other thermostat.

So the choice is yours.

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He’s talking about the fully variable systems - like the 19VS (modulates up and down through 5 stages).

You can’t control the modulation with the ecobee… there is no communication between it and the system. You need the carrier infinity thermostat for it to modulate up and down.

With your ecobee you can only modulate up based on a timer (e.g., cooling is on for 10 minutes, then stage up until temp satisfied, but it can never stage down as it approaches setpoint). It totally neuters the system.

You might not have a variable speed AC unit. If that’s the case it doesn’t matter - but you will never approach the comfort of the modulating setup.

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Understood…Thanks for the clarification.

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First I would like to give a big thanks for the DH and SmartApp already available above. It is nice to see the thermostat values in the SmartThings App.

Now, has anyone made progress on getting the code to allow changes? It would be great to be able to just change the set temperature. I see some have taken the local server approach but that is more than I can do. I just want to see it within SmartThings.

I would be willing to contribute a donation if this can be done.

Been a year, don’t think this will happen.

Only 6 months (back in May) since jylertones last updated us on the progress. I am just hoping!

I am also hoping the SmartThings team can reach out and get a OAuth v2 key that can be used to allow updates back through the API.