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Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution compatibility?

(John) #167

Glad to hear you haven’t given up.
Would be Happy to help compensate you for some of your time.
When this becomes more than read only I hope there will be a option to turn the system off



Hi Tyler,
Pleased to hear you’re looking into this further. I think you’re on the right path but wanted to note a few issues:
1 - I have a 5 zone system and the existing SmartApp seems to discover and configure them fine, each with the name I have setup in the Evolution app so your comment on NOT WORKING #1 I don’t think is correct.
2 - The refresh interval doesn’t seem to work, the zones just die until I manually hit refresh so I wrote a Webcore script to refresh them every 15m, here:

(Tyler Jones) #169

@swerb73 my zone comment was a little bit of an assumption based on reading the code, so I’m glad to hear that your multizone works (obviously within the scope of the other limitations).

You’re also right about the refresh - it appears to die after a fairly short amount of time. That’s something else that needs to be fixed.

(Johnny) #170

Here is a crazy idea that I had but have not had time to try and implement anything yet. What if you were able to get in between your thermostat and Carrier’s server. If you changed the URL that your thermostat connects to from ( to an IP on a local server or possibly even a Smartthings APP that communicates in the same fashion. We could take complete control of the system and wouldn’t need access to Carrier’s API Servers. The only thing I believe we would loose is the ability to get software updates.

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(Tyler Jones) #171

Hey Johnny, that’s actually not too crazy. Earlier in this thread, there was mention of a project/package called Infinitude, which is a package you install and point the proxy server to. It doesn’t play the role of the Carrier server, but it intercepts packages and changes the data before eventually sending it to Carrier.

Currently, I’m using that code for a couple of purposes:

  1. To understand how the thermostat communicates with Carrier so we can maybe make the same communications from SmartThings.
  2. If we are unable to do #1, maybe we can leverage Infinitude and scale it so that multiple thermostats can use it (i.e. I set up a server that the community can use).

Obviously #2 would take more work (not to mention, I have serious concerns about the setup and security of the setup required to make it be reliable), so I’m trying first to get #1 to work.

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(Johnny) #172

Hey Tyler, I too had played around with infinitude but without too much luck. Since then I have discovered that you can change the API address your Carrier thermostat connects to by accessing the service menu in your thermostat. We wouldn’t need Carrier’s server but I believe we would need to set up a service on a local system, NAS, server etc… that would translate commands to/from smartthings and your thermostat. Something like ph4r had used to translate commands for the Magic Home Wifi LED Controllers (Magic Home WiFi LED Control) … I might find some time in the future to work something out. But I currently don’t have any time to spare.

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(The Case) #173

I actually did this a while back - I created (in python) a proxy server that invisibly captures the data the unit is sending to the mothership and publishes it to a InfluxDB server.

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(Johnny) #174

Case, that is cool. I will have to load that into Docker sometime and check it out.

I’m wondering what your intentions are for this code however. Are you logging information to display somewhere else, or do you have intentions on integrating into ST?

(The Case) #175

No intent at all.

I use Grafana for several dashboards and alerts for the Thermostat data in conjunction with other data I pull from the smartthings API.

Beyond that, I have no need to further integrate the thermostat with Smartthings. As energy efficient as my 21 SEER heat pump is, I don’t find it necessary to make it deviate from it’s set schedules based on my presence. It’s arguable, but shutting down and hours later ramping itself back to “comfortable” temps is probably more work than just maintaining an average temp for a system like this. When necessary, Vacation mode is easy enough to initiate locally or with the Bryant mobile app . .

I just thought I would throw the MITM code out there if someone wanted to work the concept into a smart app that didn’t require the OAuth hassle. Hope it helps someone.

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(Ph4r) #176

If anyone would like to know more about the tunnel I am using, let me know. It does add capabilities to the system, but also limitations. The major points are that you can use ASCII to send raw TCP Packets to your device; however, SmartThings cannot receive anything back from it.

(Johnny) #177

I also have been building a grafana / actiontiles hub. It’s very convenient that I already am using docker on my NAS to run the influx/grafana system. I finally got around to loading your container and configure it to my system. I am not seeing however that any data is being written to influx and my thermostat is warning me that it is not connected to the internet. Inside of your container the process is eating up 200MB of ram and using an unusual amount of CPU. Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

(Johnny) #178

I am going to see if I can make this work to our advantage. I am not sure if anyone is aware, if you open the carrier infinity app on your phone and hold your finger on the service button. You are given the option to change the API server that the stat reaches out to. Same goes for the button on the wall control, however some of these settings can get you into trouble if you don’t know what you are doing.

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(The Case) #179

hard to tell what’s going on without seeing the logs.

(mike) #180

Any updates on getting this to smarthings


Hi @zraken,
Any chance to get the Carrier COR Thermostat supported by your SA and DH?

I’m looking forward to get this integrated into my ecosystem.

(zraken) #183

That’s a completely different kind of a thermostat and will not work with this DH.


@zraken Could it be developed? Is there an API available?

(zraken) #185

Sorry, no idea… I haven’t looked into that. Given that it is wink compatible (according to Carrier’s PR) there’s hope that it can be controlled from ST as well.


I don’t have Carrier Cor, but in my Lutron Caseta it shows up as a supported device. So maybe you can control Carrier Cor in SmartThings via Lutron integration as I can control all my Lutron stuff in SmartThings.


Hi Tyler, checking in to see if you’d made any progress on the Carrier support for SmartThings?