Card Access Inc. Mini Remote

(Desvio) #1

They definitely are not the cheapest and are closely tied to Control4, but does anyone know if their Zigbee Pro products are compatible with smartthings?

My wife has a “dumb” phone (yes, I have told her that it is 2013).  The Mini remote would let her have easy access to lighting scenes and control of an outlet.

(Chrisb) #2

Hey, at least you’re wife has a phone!  Mine refuses to get one… though on our recent vacation she had fun texting some of her friends/co-workers, so you might be thinking of getting one.

I’ve got an Android Nexus 7 that I’m going to use as a sort of a ‘remote’ for our setup.

That said, I have looked as some z-wave remotes.  I’d be curious if some of the GE ones might work given that they’ve success with other GE/Jasco products:

Both are reasonably cheap, especially the one without the LCD display, and provide a number of options.

I imagine remotes are a lot harder to get working with systems other than that with which they were originally designed though.  I would venture to guess it isn’t a simple, standardized command setup but particular to each vendor… and probably not publicly published either.