Capability with Relative Controls?

by definition, a smart rotation knob doesn’t know the level of the controllable device.

imagine I have several knobs around the room, all of them connected to the same light.
So first I set switchLevel in the application. Then rotate one of the knobs anticlockwise for 90*. Go through the room to another knob and rotate it to 180*.
What I expect:

  • the light should get a command to decrease the brightness by 50%
    < StepWithOnOff || MoveStepMode: DOWN, step_size: 0x19, transition_time: 0xFFFF, options_mask: 0x00, options_override: 0x00 > > >

  • then the brightness increased to 100%
    < StepWithOnOff || MoveStepMode: UP, step_size: 0x19, transition_time: 0xFFFF, options_mask: 0x00, options_override: 0x00 > > >

what I have now… It’s possible to setLevel from an application, but it’s not possible to pass the increase/decrease command and provide a rotation value from a knob to the light.

the “StepWithOnOff” command is described in the standard for more than a decade.

What is needed for knobs like this is option to act as a Dimmer or as Buttons. With buttons, when they are Held, increase or decrease actions are needed, as long as button is held or knob is rotated.
That way action can be set to increase or decrease light level, light temperature level, sound volume, thermostat temperature, etc.

I do have 5 different “control devices” connected to the same light bulb: smart knob, zooz double switch, inovelli dimmer, philips hue remote and ikea dimmer button. They are all fully controlling light level and white temperature. They all have button press and hold capabilities. Issue is when increases or decreases are done, they are done in steps, not fluidly.

Agreed. That’s actually what I’m going with. Making it a setting. Considering using the swipe right, swipe left states, but will likely just make my own capability so I can account for speed as well.

Something like this?

I answered to the Smartthings partner.

do you have 5 devices working with official Smartthings drivers and within ST routine engine? or via custom drivers and Zigbee hacks?

I do want the community findings to be part of the official capabilities so you don’t have to ask community developers to implement the same basic function for every new :bulb:

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@veonua They are all on custom drivers. I agree with you. This need to be stock capability.

there is a capability in the Matter 1.0 standard

Does SmartThings plan to support this standard?

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Hello, have u been able to integrate the knob in smartthings? What driver have you used and have you faced any issue?
Thank you

Yes, I am using erickv’s driver.

He added profile to be used as dimmer with button, and as scene controller.