Capability multiAccountProcessing

Another one that would be useful for a device type is the capability to process events from different ST accounts (proper security would be enforced of course)…

As an example, SMBs (Small-Medium Businesses) would like to be able to process and monitor events from different sites (ex. universities, chains of restaurants, hotels with devices spread over many locations).

Its core attribute would be “true” or “false”.

Device types with such capabilities would then be tagged to be able to do so. This would enable ST to better control those device types within special containers.


You already have the ability to manage multiple physical locations through the UI, like multiple rentals. But I don’t think there are sub accounts, which could certainly be useful to keep clients in one building from affecting settings for another.

I don’t see this as a device capability, though.

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@JDRoberts, I added it because I suspect that ST would prefer to isolate multi account accesses in special containers for security reason.

There could also be some special methods required to have access to other accounts.

But, if it’s not the case, this is not relevant.

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