Capability flowMeter

(Justin H) #1

Similar to capability.powerMeter, but for fluid flow rather than electricity. Attribute changed from power to flow. I’ve made a smart device to monitor my residential water meter, and currently it hijacks powerMeter and energyMeter for reporting. Would be nice to have a true flow meter capability.

(Justin H) #2

In the similar thread, Capability volumeMeter, it was discussed that volume could be confused with audio volume. I suggested using capability.fluidVolumeMeter to disambiguate. If that ends up happening, maybe this should become capability.fluidFlowMeter to stay parallel. Thoughts?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Problem is that this “implicitly” excludes the ability to measure flow of a gas (natural gas, propane, …). Or is flowing gas technically a fluid?

Grrrr… Personally I don’t mind looking up the detailed definition of the Capability in the documentation, but the name gets used by all sort of developers … and SmartApp users. :confounded:

(Justin H) #4

Technically gasses are a type of fluid, but I think the more important consideration should be general clarity to users/devs. If fluidFlowMeter is confusing, it should be swapped for something else (I’d fall back to my original suggestion of flowMeter).