Capability flowMeter

Similar to capability.powerMeter, but for fluid flow rather than electricity. Attribute changed from power to flow. I’ve made a smart device to monitor my residential water meter, and currently it hijacks powerMeter and energyMeter for reporting. Would be nice to have a true flow meter capability.

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In the similar thread, Capability volumeMeter, it was discussed that volume could be confused with audio volume. I suggested using capability.fluidVolumeMeter to disambiguate. If that ends up happening, maybe this should become capability.fluidFlowMeter to stay parallel. Thoughts?


Problem is that this “implicitly” excludes the ability to measure flow of a gas (natural gas, propane, …). Or is flowing gas technically a fluid?

Grrrr… Personally I don’t mind looking up the detailed definition of the Capability in the documentation, but the name gets used by all sort of developers … and SmartApp users. :confounded:

Technically gasses are a type of fluid, but I think the more important consideration should be general clarity to users/devs. If fluidFlowMeter is confusing, it should be swapped for something else (I’d fall back to my original suggestion of flowMeter).

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