Capability avTuner


I was using virtual switches + Logitech Harmony to control my tuner. It wasn’t event based and really was a drag on me in so many ways. The virtual switches were hard to manage, and Harmony had to update the switches on the round trip. The Logitech Harmony is a good standalone remote, but the latency, constant maintenance and limited capability was something I outgrew.

I have a Yamaha Networked Receiver, so I wrote the basics of a UPNP-capable event-based receiver. I reused everything from the Music Player capability. However, I needed to also be able to switch inputs


  • “input” attribute
  • inputSelect(string)

I’ve created two devices using this new proposed capability, and one helper SmartApp.

If someone wants to send me connected hardware, I am more than happy to write additional devices for them :smiley: