Capability "Actuator", whats it for? And Capability "Sensor"?

Exactly! I could ask for all sensors and all actuators and then reconcile the two lists, but it’s weird in terms of user experience because at least some devices will appear two times.

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I don’t know the answer to this question, in smartthings can you query the node ID from a smartapp? I would think that would do it. Just grab everything with a node ID.

I don’t think you can. First you need to authorize a subset of devices.

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This is a reasonable request, but so are some of the requests for specific new Capabilities to add to the Taxonomy, and there’s been essentially zero acknowledgement or progress by SmartThings on those…

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How come SmartSense motion sensor does not have “Sensor” capability?

How come there are 3 device handlers for SmartSense Motion/Temp sensor? Is there any difference and how do I choose one?

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We have three different models.

v1 that shipped with Kickstarter and was sold on our shop. It’s the version with Micro-USB support.
v2 that we called the “Motion/Temp” sensor. No Micro-USB.
v3 that hasn’t been named yet, but is the “micro sensor” that is coming out with our new hub.

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Do they have unique model numbers that could be added to the device handler description?

Sorta/kinda. The model number/unique identifiers are in the device type under the fingerprint section. We have some improvements slated around the way this is organized so I’ll shoot this feedback in there as well.

I’m certain that’s just a bug / oversight. It’s an old Device Type Handler.

If it’s in GitHub, I guess someone could do a pull request…!

SmartSense, SmarterSense, SmartestSense. That’s a good naming convention!


Someone just created a pull request. Hopefully someone accepts it just as quickly.

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