[Capabilities] issue with ultraviolet Index

Is anyone using the ultravioletIndex capability? The graphic doesn’t seem to be working right: The range as defined in the capability is 0-255 (both device and presentation). If I set a value if say, 23, the meter is pegged all the way to the right in the red. The number displays correctly, but the graphic doesn’t seem to working right.

And why the heck is the range 0-255 anyway?? Shouldn’t it be 1-10 or 1-11 based on standards?


So I’ll partially answer my own question after some further experiments. It seems the graphical bar is actually on a scale of 10. It’s displaying 255 on the high end since that is the range coded in the presentation. But the graphical element itself obviously doesn’t go by that. A bug that needs to be reported if not already, @nayelyz .

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I would have thought they should match the scale to the API which suggests a range up to 16 in the weather forecasts. Certainly the scale needs to include the purple coloured 11+ range into the low teens as users in New Zealand will think they’ve been forgotten.

The 255 just causes confusion.

I haven’t seen a discussion about that before, so, I’ll create a report about it, including the bar color for 11+
Thanks for sharing.