Can't see Edge drivers list in my device settings

Hi all.
Thanks for letting me join. First post so apologies if I have this in the wrong catagory. I’ve used Smartthings for several years without too many hitches, but the change to Edge has thrown me to be honest. I have bought the Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro, found Edge drivers for both the Pro and Basic version and installed them, but when adding it just installs as a Z-Wave Switch with no option in the device settings to change the drivers (pushing the top right 3 dots just shows ‘Edit’ and ‘information’ and no ‘Driver’ option despite them showing as in my hub when I look at the full list of installed drivers).
Can anyone advise or help. I’ve had a really good look at other people’s issues and I can’t see one related to this particular challenge, however, please feel free to point me to the right post/thread if I’m in the wrong place. Thanks

You may wish to contact Aeotec support. They should be able to help you with getting the sensor connected with an Edge driver.

You should report back what they say in case it helps other users. :slight_smile:

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If you click on the 3 dot menu and there is no Driver option listed, then your device is not running an Edge driver.

Please post a screenshot of the device details for this device from the API Browser+.

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Seems a bit odd. The Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro (but seemingly not the Basic) is fingerprinted for the stock Z-Wave Sensor handler so shouldn’t even need Edge drivers installing, and if even if you didn’t have Edge drivers it is supported by a stock DTH.

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