Can't reorder things in a room (Android 2.0.7)

I thought they fixed this! When I reorder things in the 2.0.7 app they don’t stay moved.

This is ridiculous they really need to fire the android team and hire a new one.


2.0.5 broken
2.0.6 fixed
2.0.7 broken


Personally, I don’t hold it against “the team” in any sort of general sense. Bugs happen – Developers should never be responsible for the final round of QA testing of their own code (hmmm… I’ve written this before, several times).

So; hold the QA team responsible? How about Product Manager? Release Manager? … Higher up the management chain… Strategic Planning? Risk Management? Hiring?

Yes … I’m armchair / backseat managing… guess it’s better than no management at all, right? :confounded:

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Well I am a lead software engineer and if my development team kept recreating bugs which were previously fixed I would not be looking at the QA team.

I have seen so many bugs get fixed and return. Some heads should roll.


Other bugs that have returned after being fixed.

  1. Sorry an unexpected error has occurred …
  2. Location Title just says “My Home” and no longer displays the location selected (This was fixed during very early testing and now is broken again.

Anyway I think they need to fix the process. Blame Devs, Blame QA, Blame Management, I don’t care just fix it !


Conversely, I’m a Lead QA Engineer (in some career incarnations…); and if my QA Team kept on missing obvious bugs and passing code through to release, then, … well, finger-pointing always exists. Is there a QA Team? Are they, ahem, competent? Are they pressured to release regardless of findings or insufficient time to test? Do they have no influence on Development?

Perhaps it’s just my wording, but frequently when I write something along these lines, my post gets “flagged” as offensive.

Are the responsible / accountable parties offended that I/we point out that there is plenty of evidence that someone or many someones is/are seriously lacking in competence? Is this really Silicon Valley political correctness at play? No one is to blame? No one gets a performance standard and consequences?

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Fair enough, I agree this shouldn’t be making it past QA either. Interestingly enough I was contacted by support about one of my issues which returned and they said they didn’t think it would be fixed because “Management” had requested the change and although they agreed I was correct and the developers did as well they are told to make the change. So who knows what’s going on at ST but lets face it the code being release is pretty bad. In that I think we mostly agree.