Can't remember what to do to fix GE switches after power outage

The older I get the dumber I get. Things have been doing great for the last 4 or so years. Now, yesterday, my electricity went off for several hours. Big Storm. 2 of my GE wall toggle switches are no longer working. I know I have had this in the past, and been able to revive them, but so far this time, no luck. I have cut the breaker to them several times. I have tried removing them, or re-adding them, and no luck. I notice when I try ActionTiles, one of them flashes the light after a second… so it received a signal. Any suggestions other than getting to buy 2 new switches? Thanks

Do they work when you toggle them manually at the wall?

If not, turn off the power, then check the wiring.

The first step is to get them working manually.

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