Can't parse quotes?

I am trying to create a device type using aREST api and mDNS(eventually) on an arduino-like setup(no thingshield). My main issue(currently) is the ‘parse’ function, is it suppose to ignore anything with quotes in it or am i just doing something wrong?

Eg. In my browser i go to “http://myDevice.local/state?params=0” and get something like:

{“return_value”: 1, “id”: “1”, “name”: “myDevice”, “connected”: true}

In the simulator i go to the first input box under tools ‘Messages’ and then ‘Raw’, anything i type that box shows up under the log with the correct ‘DEBUG Description: xxxxxxx’ message, unless it contains a quotation mark, then nothing whatsoever shows up.

def parse(String description)
log.debug “Description: ‘${description}’”

Any guidance would be appreciated.