Can't parse Array datatype

I have been trying to do a readAttribute on an Array attribute. However, I always get a log error that says “Invalid Datatype”. How can I fix this?

Is the full message along the lines of

Unparsable description: [<message>] is not a well formed read attribute response. Invalid dataType.

If so, that means that the “encoding” field in the message is not a valid data type (we would expect “48” for an array value). Since the data type isn’t known we don’t know how to parse it. You can always parse the message yourself instead of using the library functions, but it is strange that the data type field is a non valid data type.


Curious, what device this?

I do get that message. The datatype is “48”. However, I don’t see a value listed. Below is a screenshot from my sniffer.


Can you send me the full log message? That should include what is actually getting passed to the DTH and I can try to figure out why it isn’t parsing correctly.

What file format do you need?

Sorry I meant the log from graph that said it failed to parse. Also, PM me your account email so I can grab your hub logs.