Can't migrate to v3 Hub

I had a v1 Hub controlling several Leviton Z wave switches and pluvs using the classic app. I subsequently migrated these devices to a v2 Hub, still using the classic app. How I bought a v3 Hub and want to migrate the devices and use the new app.

I can register the v3 Hub in the new app. I can’t migrate the devices before excluding (unparing) them from the v2 Hub. However, I can’t exclude devices from v2 Hub unless the v2 Hub is registered with the new app. When I try to register the v2 Hub, I get the error “Code is already registered. An invitation from the owner is needed to use this hub”.

Various search results suggest factory resetting the v2 Hub my press and holding the recessed button on the back. I can’t factory reset as press and holding does not change the green status light to amber,even with batteries removed.

Any suggestions? Again the ultimate goal is to have the Leviton switches and plugs associated with the v3 Hub and use the new Smartthings app.

You can exclude the devices using any certified zwave controller, in this case, you could use your new V3 hub.

The zwave alliance understood that there might be times when you were going to use a device which had previously been joined to a different hub. But maybe you don’t have that hub anymore. Maybe the hub itself was broken, maybe you bought the device used, it doesn’t matter. Any Z wave hub can issue a “general exclude“ and any Z wave device in range will accept that instruction if you follow the manufacturer’s directions, which usually involve a specific tap pattern.

So you will have to look up the user manuals online for each device in order to know what you have to do with that device to get it to accept a general exclude. But given your goal, having the V3 hub issue the general exclude might be the most straightforward.

Here are the instructions for the general exclude. Again, it doesn’t matter what hub the device is currently joined to, the general exclude will clear out the old network information that is stored in the switch itself, and then it will be ready to include to the new hub. :sunglasses: