Can't load LIFX templates

When I try to create a new device handler from template and select the LIFX bulbs, they don’t load. Debug shows this error:

main-app-5811442….js:176 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)send @ main-app-5811442….js:176ajax @ main-app-5811442….js:170d.(anonymous function) @ main-app-5811442….js:170(anonymous function) @ create:1632dispatch @ main-app-5811442….js:92k.handle @ main-app-5811442….js:85
main-app-5811442….js:176 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)


I don’t know if these are the latest… My guess is that they haven’t changed in the last 11 months.

Color Bulb - SmartThingsPublic/devicetypes/smartthings/lifx-color-bulb.src at master · lgkahn/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

White Bulb - SmartThingsPublic/devicetypes/smartthings/lifx-white-bulb.src at master · lgkahn/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub