Can't Link Sonos Again: Error 34-302


I’ve had my Sonos added for years to my smartthings but this edge driver switch messed things up. Some devices like a Play3 stopped responding.
So I decided to delete those not working and try to add them again. Didn’t work so tonight I had a few minutes to kill so I deleted the rest in an attempt to be able to restart.

It removed all speakers but not the tokens so when I search for Sonos speakers the first two dots just flashes by without me having to authenticate, not surprising but annoying, anyway, then it searches for speaker on “dot 3”

Sits there for a long time elthen throws error 34-302.

Spoked to Sonos support who for some reason don’t have a way to revoke tokens which is absolutely one of the most stupid things I’ve seen. :grin:
They refer to ST support.

Anyone have any idea how to either unlink Sonos and smartthings or be able to add the speakers again?


Do you have a ST hub or are you trying to link your Sonos account for the cloud->cloud integration?

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That would be the best recommendation. :slight_smile:

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